Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange

If you’re in the market for free crypto sign-up bonuses, then you’re in luck. Many exchange platforms will offer you free Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency just for signing up and going through a few simple tasks. Of course, not all offers are created equal. Some offer large rewards, while others use bonuses more as a marketing ploy, making it nearly impossible to actually claim the rewards. In this Coincu article, we will go over a few of the best platforms that offer free crypto sign-up bonuses to users.
Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange
Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange 8

What Are Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses?

Free crypto sign-up bonuses are incentives that cryptocurrency platforms or exchanges offer to get users signed up. Most of the time, the bonus would include users being given a small amount of cryptocurrency for signing up on the platform. These bonuses exist to spur people into signing up with the platform, checking it out, and probably starting trading or investing in crypto.

The amount of crypto sign-up bonuses depends on what the platform will offer and the promotions on the site. Sometimes, this may be a certain fixed amount of some cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Other times, this can be a percentage of the first user deposit. The scale of these crypto sign-up bonuses could go drastically up and down, where some companies even extend the limit to 10% or more of the first user deposit.

Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange
Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange 9

Free crypto sign-up bonuses will, therefore, be useful for a new user who just wants to get started in trading or investing in cryptocurrency without laying down money. However, these require constant care, and one must exercise caution before engaging with any cryptocurrency platform or promotion.

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How Do Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses Work?

Free crypto sign-up bonuses are usually offered by cryptocurrency exchanges or platforms to incentivize new users to sign up and begin trading or using their services. Here’s how they generally work:

The exchange or platform advertises a promotion where new users can receive a certain amount of cryptocurrency for free when they sign up.

Most often, to benefit from the bonus, users have to sign up with the platform. Quite often, this would also involve giving personal information and verification of identity, as exchanges usually have Know Your Customer procedures in place.

Actually, users need to peruse the terms and conditions of such a promotion to know exactly what to expect when claiming the bonus, with all the requirements: minimum deposit amount, trading volume requirements, and holding periods.

After registering and fulfilling the requirements, the bonus amount will be accredited to your account. Depending on the platform, this may happen instantaneously or after a short delay.

In most cases, there are restrictions on how one is to use the bonus. An example would be that it will only be available for use with the trading of specific cryptocurrencies, or else it is subject to withdrawal restrictions until conditions are met.

There will be an expiry date on the bonus, and the users have to claim the same to utilize within the specified time frame or forfeit it.

Such sign-up bonuses are usually part of promotional activity valid for some time, so the users must make haste to avail themselves of it before it runs out.

It’s very important to understand the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading, from price volatility to security risks. Though sign-up bonuses may act as a first boost to any user’s account, the choice of a given platform cannot be based solely on it since the user is supposed to do his research prior to trading.

Top Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses in 2024

1. Bybit – Up to $500 in bonuses for users who reach trading volume

Bybit, one of the trendiest crypto trading platforms, rolled out an attractive crypto sign-up bonus for its new users. The platform offers a very user-friendly interface and varied products to customers. It is giving away coupons of up to 5,020 USDT for new registrants upon sign-up, deposit, and trading of crypto assets.

Bybit also rewards the referrer under its referral program. In this way, new users and referrers are entitled to receive a $20 bonus upon account creation. Besides, participants can also enjoy additional bonuses of up to $500, depending on the trading volume levels completed by the new user.

Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange
Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange 10

The coupons will be used to spur first-time deposits, the activation of take-profit/stop-loss, and the completion of transactions using the USDT Perpetual Contract. These coupons are also effective ways for users to offset their fees and eliminate any loss that may occur during trading.

If the crypto sign-up bonus and referral program are not enough, Bybit will further empower its users through referral and affiliate programs that allow the leveraging of a network and trade. With great advantages, Bybit’s Affiliate program allows participants to receive up to 40% of the fees if they have qualified referrals.

2. MEXC – Up to 1,000 USDT crypto sign-up bonus for new users

MEXC is presenting tremendous opportunities for crypto enthusiasts by offering rewards through various promotional activities.

One is the crypto sign-up bonus for users to earn as much as a 1,000 USDT bonus, given the completion of simple platform tasks. The crypto sign-up bonus can help offset the fee and funding costs incurred with trading. But it’s only valid for 15 days and can’t be withdrawn.

Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange
Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange 11

On top of the crypto sign-up bonus, MEXC is running a futures beginners’ event. To join, simply answer the quiz and trade at least 10 USDT on the futures platform. This entitlement includes rewards of a 5 USDT bonus, a 10% fee discount coupon, and the chance to enter the lucky draw.

These bonuses are strictly limited to new futures users and existing users who have activated their Futures account but have not yet traded on futures or transferred funds to their Futures account.

Moreover, MEXC offers a referral program and an affiliate program for users to further maximize earnings. The user can enjoy rebates on trading fees and enjoy perks like airdrops and exclusive activities by sharing the referral link and inviting others to join MEXC.

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3. KuCoin – Up to 8200 USDT welcome bonus for required tasks

As a part of its aggressive user acquisition strategy, KuCoin is offering massive crypto prizes and bonuses to the users. This shall help the platform attract and retain users by offering multiple opportunities to earn rewards through several activities on the platform.

About the Rewards Program

New users can claim a token reward amounting to 700 USDT upon registration completion.

Identity verification is a must to unlock the permissions for deposit and trade. This step gives the users the opportunity to earn up to 8200 USDT in rewards.

For the first minimum deposit or crypto purchase made on the platform, users are eligible to receive rewards of up to 100 USDT.

The first trade to be made on KuCoin can bring up to 100 USDT in rewards.

Making advanced trades is yet another way to earn rewards of up to 100 USDT.

Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange
Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange 12

Daily KCS Bonus Rewards

KuCoin encourages its users to hold its native token: KCS. Anyone holding more than 6 KCS is entitled to a daily bonus of 50% from KuCoin trading fee revenue. The more users hold KCS, the more their daily bonus is. Other benefits of holding KCS include but are not limited to:

  • Discounts on Trading Fees: Lower charges for trading on the platform.
  • Unique Services: The KCS token holders get special services.
  • Governance Rights: Governance rights to decide what happens on the platform.

4. Bitget – 500 USDT fee discount for new users

Bitget announces a series of attractive benefits and rewards for new users. Moreover, several other perks within the Rewards Center of this platform inspire a better trading experience and user engagement.

The sign-up bonus should be one of the key highlights within the offerings of Bitget, whereby new users registering their accounts within specific promo periods stand a chance at getting random trading bonuses worth up to 500 USDT.

Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange
Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange 13

For instance, Bitget has a referral activity where it will reward its users for inviting friends. As such, inviting three friends may even be awarded an additional 20 USDT, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the community-driven incentives of Bitget.

These rewards seek to onboard and retain users with practical benefits that are supportive of their trading activities and assist them in building a solid trading community.

5. OKX – Earn up to $10,000 with Mystery Box

New users signing up for OKX via specific links get a mystery box that contains crypto rewards up to the value of $10,000. This mystery box could include such different cryptocurrencies as BTC, ETH, DOGE, SHIB, DOT, DIL, or OKB. For an extra mystery box that will be worth up to another $10,000, users need to make one deposit or crypto purchase at or above $50.

Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange
Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses: Free Crypto When You Join An Exchange 14

By signing up and completing the verification of identity, users get a mystery box with potential prizes that may reach up to $10,000. Moreover, new users are entitled to get a $2 bonus in BTC after purchasing $20 or more in cryptocurrency within their first 30 days. OKX also gives away free Satoshis for a number of easy actions, among which is making a demo trade, joining an Earn product, or trading any amount of cryptocurrency.

The OKX referral program makes it easy to invite friends and claim a $15 bonus on every friend’s crypto purchase or deposit. Besides, you are entitled to earning as much as 40% of referral trading fees as your commission.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonus Platform

Bonus Amount and Type

Bigger bonuses are more alluring, but they usually have tougher terms and conditions. Compare what each platform offers to get the best value.

Eligibility Requirements

Understand any conditions tied to the bonus, such as minimum trading volumes or holding periods, before you can withdraw the bonus. Check whether there is an expiry date by which you have to claim or use your bonus. Also, check which cryptocurrencies are eligible to claim the bonus since some platforms might limit the bonus to specific assets.

Withdrawal Restrictions

Some bonuses require you to keep your funds on the platform for a certain time before you can withdraw them. Be sure you are aware of the verification steps you’ll need to take before you’re allowed to withdraw any part of your bonus or the profits earned with it.

Exchange Reputation and Security

Check whether the platform is regulated by a reputable financial authority. Regulation can provide a level of assurance regarding the legitimacy of the platform. Look for the security protocols they use, including two-factor authentication, cold storage for funds, and encryption.

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How to Claim Your Free Crypto Sign-Up Bonus

Claiming your free crypto sign-up bonus mostly takes a few steps, which differ depending on the platform running the bonus. Here’s a general guide:

Find a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet provider offering sign-up bonuses. Many of these platforms use bonuses as a means of attracting more new users.

Some of these platforms require users to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process before they can claim bonuses or trade cryptocurrencies.

Make sure you are quite certain about the requirements to qualify for the sign-up bonus. Common requirements will normally involve depositing funds to a certain amount, making a certain number of trades, or even referring friends to the platform.

As soon as you have completed the requirements, you can usually claim your bonus via their website or app. Often, this requires clicking on a particular link, inputting a promo code when signing up, or taking an action within your account that will be set out.

Last but not least, secure the account through two-factor authentication and good password hygiene using the application.

Security and Trust: Choosing a Reliable Crypto Exchange

Here’s a guide to help you make an informed choice:

Compare different exchanges based on security, fees, user experience, and supported cryptocurrencies.

Look for exchanges that incorporate strong security measures, such as 2FA, encryption, and regulatory compliance.

Go for the user-friendly interface provided with good customer service.

Opt for exchanges with high liquidity for smooth trading.

Understand and compare fee structures; look for transparency and competitive rates.

Be aware of the reputation of the exchange and its track record in the cryptocurrency community.


Since most of them don’t even consider free crypto sign-up bonuses, these are additional benefits that one can invest directly into the cryptocurrency market. To assist users in maximizing these opportunities, we have included the list of free crypto sign-up bonus platforms for your choice. Since every platform is unique and has its features, it is necessary to choose a platform that best suits your needs for long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are free crypto sign-up bonuses real?

Yes, free crypto sign-up bonuses are real, and they’re a common marketing strategy used by cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms to attract new users.

2. What types of sign-up bonuses are available?

There are various types of sign-up bonuses available in the cryptocurrency space, including free cryptocurrency, deposit bonuses, trading credits, referral bonuses, staking rewards, and cashback.

3. What are the eligibility requirements for receiving a sign-up bonus?

Sign-up bonuses usually require new account creation and identity verification. Some may necessitate an initial deposit and promo code. Availability can vary based on location. Certain bonuses may mandate specific actions, such as trading or deposits, to qualify.

4. Are there any restrictions on withdrawing the bonus funds?

Yes, there can be restrictions on withdrawing bonus funds, including minimum withdrawal amounts, trading requirements, time limits, and specific usage conditions.

5. Is it safe to claim crypto sign-up bonuses?

Yes. Claiming crypto sign-up bonuses can be safe as long as you use reputable platforms and carefully review the terms and conditions.

6. Where can I find more information about specific free crypto sign-up bonuses?

You can search online for reviews, forums, and discussions where users share their experiences with different bonuses and platforms. However, you should always make sure to verify the legitimacy of the information and platform before proceeding.