Why Polkers Metaverse Will Bring PKR To The Moon And Why PKR Is Undervalued!

Before the highly anticipated launch of Play to Earn, Polker is about to introduce its Metaverse. This development follows the conclusion of Polker’s NFT competition last week.

Why Polkers Metaverse Will Bring PKR To The Moon And

Polker metaverse

Polkers Metaverse will be an immersive and innovative virtual experience that gives users endless opportunities to explore innovative features. Users can access the next generation of poker with a realistic gaming environment combined with the hugely successful play-to-earn model.

In Metaverse, users can interact with each other in a PvP fashion. Polker’s gaming platform is the first to be powered by Unreal 3D Engine 4. The Unreal 3D Engine offers virtual reality settings and all game content is in the 3D virtual reality model (3D VR reality). The merging of Blockchain and Unreal Engine really puts this metaverse in a league of its own.

Users can also edit the graphics around them and create their own worlds. It’s fun when it comes to personalized gaming experiences. Polker was able to achieve this by wrapping models with highly detailed textures to produce realistic graphics and good performance in his gaming metaverse.

Polker will be the first project of its kind to incorporate NFT rewards into its gaming system on such a unique role-playing platform. Users can earn NFT while playing to access more features. Every NFT has its attributes and can activate special offers.

Polkers Metaverse will also incorporate the latest in AI techniques for game characters to animate / interact based on player actions for a lifelike virtual reality feel. Polker has announced that VR experiences will be integrated in the second quarter of 2022.

These insights into Polker’s Metaverse are sure to delight users ahead of the Play to Earn game’s release.

The Polker Metaverse – Video Preview

Billionaire’s playroom

The Polker game test network will have a special luxury game room called Billionaire’s Game Room (Billionaire’s Playroom). Players can battle each other with the avatars and names of some famous characters like Jack, Elon, Trump and KIM …

Polker’s Billionaire’s Game Room promises interesting features that will be revealed in the future. Polker has released the first episode of the Billionaire Polker Tournament…. Volume one is out.

Watch episode 2 here

Prepare for Polker Metaverse

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Polker’s PKR token has seen steady growth during the third and fourth quarters and with the upcoming ‘Testnet Game’ beta launching and the appeal of the Metaverse, the value of PKR will increase. PKR is used in the game to purchase NFTs, which give users access to the play-to-earn model that Polkers Metaverse focuses on.

PKR can also be used on the Ethereum mainnet with an APY of 36% here. The PKR token will be available on Binance Smart Chain later this year. Investors can buy PKR Uniswap in the Ethereum network and Pancake exchange in the Binance Smart Chain Network. In addition, PKR is also listed on the stock exchange BitMart with rumors of much bigger exchanges coming soon.

Tại sao Metaverse của Polker sẽ đưa PKR lên Mặt trăng và tại sao PKR đang  bị định giá thấp!

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