OINDAO V3 – Turnkey stablecoin release for the multi-chain universe, starting with NEAR

OINDAO V3 - Turnkey stablecoin release for the multi-chain universe, starting with NEAR

OIN Finances OINDAO V3, a crypto-supported multi-chain stablecoin issuing solution, issues nUSDO on the Around Protocol. Powered by Liquid Staking Token, stNEAR, it offers users farming opportunities and utilized productivity use cases and opens up DeFi functionality for the Around ecosystem and companies. Traditional companies want to get into the industry.

Built for the multi-chain universe

With its multi-chain platform, OINDAO offers a unique solution for the growing requirements of the cryptocurrency industry. By incorporating into collaborative blockchain networks, including layer one, layer two, and sidechains, the platform offers a simple but powerful set of features such as leverage, staking, and most importantly, on-chain stablecoins.

OINDAO V3 - Turnkey stablecoin release for the multi-chain universe, starting with NEAR

The first stablecoin released in the V3 update was nUSDO on Protocol Near by. Powered by stNEAR, a meta-pool liquid staking token, the solution provides users with an easy way to participate in Near’s staking protocol, freeing up liquidity for collateral used to mint stablecoins for use. This stream of value not only gives users the freedom to use their assets without having to sell their coins, it also promotes longevity and speed in the ecosystem.

The V3 update brings new features such as liquidation of a single vault and multi-token rewards, as well as updates to the OIN token utility, such as adjusting all stable fees, the fixed and redemption program, and blowing the stability fee.

OINDAO unlocks DeFi for Altcoin users

Despite the recent surge in altcoins and layer-ones and layer-twos, the industry has not made great strides in spreading DeFi and stablecoins in these growing markets. The most popular solutions are heavily focused on the Ethereum space and are rarely adopted elsewhere. For example, the most popular stablecoins all adopt the ERC20 standard, like USDT. With little selection of altcoins, the OINDAO platform is a breath of fresh air.

Starting with the Around Protocol, users can now enjoy secured, on-chain stablecoins with many planned use cases like GameFi payments, massive profit opportunities, online payments for real goods, and more, unlocking the rest of the crypto market for DeFi users and DeFi will be for altcoin users.

This also means that ecosystem projects can now easily integrate stablecoins into their platforms and take advantage of benefits such as stable cash flow and ease of use.

OINDAO V3 - Turnkey stablecoin release for the multi-chain universe, starting with NEAR

OINDAO is a turnkey solution for companies, blockchain or other areas

True to its claim to be a turnkey solution, OINDAO V3 is packaged in a package that is easy for both partners and users. Once the partnerships are in place and the terms and conditions are established, the new smart contract and stablecoin that the OIN Finance team is creating will be subject to third party audits.

At the same time, there is a BD fever to develop use cases for stablecoins, such as project ecosystems that accept new coins as a means of payment or offer payment solutions and traditional businesses.

With the introduction of stNEAR-supported nUSDO, supported by Close to, OINDAO V3 is just beginning development, with a bright future ahead of it.


OIN is a decentralized stablecoin issuing platform. With a range of powerful features such as vault dissolution and proprietary stablecoins, we offer the best stablecoin solutions to everyone, including tier 1 and tier 2 partners.

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