Axie Infinity Has Announced A $400,000 Funding Program For In-Game Content Creators.

Axie Infinity has launched a grant program for in-game content creators. The minimum level of sponsorship was $5000. In-game characters can now be destroyed in return for virtual territories.

The number of wallets participating with the blockchain game Axie Infinity has increased by 20%. This was identified by DappRadar.

Analysts think that developers’ activity has grown as a result of a new $400,000 assistance scheme for in-game content creators.

All users that create a unique experience of engaging with the game are eligible to participate in the program. Developers, for example, evaluate apps based on the following criteria: Culture, purpose and way of thinking, the fun of the gameplay, engineering evaluation of the feasibility of the project and the impact on the gaming community and the economy of Axie Infinity.

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The minimum capital required for sponsorship is $5,000. And it appears that the Axie Infinity developers’ endeavor has borne fruit in the near run. DappRadar discovered that the game’s decentralized crypto exchange, Katana, had a nearly 40% rise in swap volume.

Simultaneously, AXS-WETH and SLP-WETH remain the most popular trading pairings, since users continue to earn and utilize SLP in the game, while AXS tokens are necessary to engage in project management.

In addition, the creators announced the release of a new in-game function that would enable you to destroy characters in return for unique areas, cosmetic items, and other goods. However, it is unclear how the innovation will affect the in-game economy.

Axie Infinity is becoming into a financial pyramid, according to many journalists. For example, the entry fee for the game has risen to $1000. For many market players, this criterion is too high, which has resulted in the establishment of intermediate services.

The creators agreed that the game’s development is dependent on the infusion of new users. The firm pledged to deploy new features to remedy the problem. However, it is uncertain if the size of the entrance requirement for participation in the game would vary.

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