ICICB Metaverse ‘Cosmos’ Is an Incredible Metaverse You Should Keep Your Eyes On In 2022!

ICICB Metaverse – Cosmos

With the launch of the ICICB Chain, the backbone of the ICICB Metaverse, also known as Cosmos, ICICB Group is in a good position to take advantage of the Metaverse trend.

Cosmos takes users on a never-before-seen journey through time, with each epoch representing ancient, present, and future human life, each having its own NFTs collection and artifacts that will keep users fascinated with the gameplay.

Each ICICB Metaverse user will become an excellent time traveler, teleporting from the stone age to the world of the future on the spur of the moment and discovering the broad array of experiences that human existence has to deal with.

Casino, Games, NFTs and More

The firm has also designed its Atari 3D blockchain Casino, which can only be found in the modern age, to give explorers an interactive gaming playground where they can earn money and place bets through a range of popular games and contests.

First-person shooter enthusiasts will be very excited about the new ARES by ICICB MMORPG game, which allows the creation of game assets that can be held in the real world and sold on its NFT marketplace.

Cosmos is on track to become the greatest virtual ecosystem in existence spanning time and space, with each epoch of time having an enormous virtual world. To take things to the next level, the firm is going to announce the launch of the ecosystem, ICICB Chain, on February 22.

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