The Shiba Inu Breakout Suggests Additional 12% Gains

A cryptocurrency market expert has detailed a potential movement pattern for Shiba Inu, which might finish up going sideways.

A cryptocurrency market expert has detailed a probable movement pattern for Shiba Inu, which might end up going sideways. They observe that the digital asset, like the majority of the crypto market, has been trading in a downward trend. Shiba Inu had mostly followed this pattern, but it was the first to break out of it, signaling a more positive tendency for the asset.

However, the breakout of SHIB is still incredibly early in the trend. The remainder of the market has gradually followed the same pattern, although evidence suggests to a somewhat better outlook for the time being, implying that it might reverse at any time. If the breakout does not receive any further traction, Shiba Inu will most likely fall back within the bull-flag, according to the expert.

Nonetheless, if the meme currency can maintain the breakthrough and follow-through, the digital asset will have a very good short-term outlook. According to the expert, a positive subsequent move would most likely see the digital asset advance into the $0.000035 range in the very near future.

This price point is coveted by meme coin investors as it approaches the 50% value of its all-time high. It also moves the vast majority of investors into profit zone, making it a milestone moment in the digital asset’s recovery.

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