Golden Planet – The latest exciting play-to-earn experience for gamers

Golden Planet – a game that turns into the character of Goliter in search of treasures, offers players a new game to gain experience.

Golden Planet - The latest exciting play-to-earn experience for gamers -  CoinCu News

Last February 22, 2022, golden planet participated in the blockchain gaming market in Synthetic Team. Released on a very special day, Golden Planet promises great experiences for players and may explode heavily in the future.

The meaning of the game Golden Planet

Golden Planet is a blockchain game simulating finding treasure and developed on GOLDM’s ecosystem platform.

Inspired by Minion characters – The Moon Thief, Golden Planet offers players a new experience as they pose as Goliter characters digging for treasure in search of valuable resources. Each goliter has different capacity, if you are lucky, players can get good capacity goliter to improve mining performance.

Each goliter in the game is an NFT, players can trade with each other to find the most powerful goliter, the best together. The game is also evolving towards updating more entertainment features, players can compete against each other for honors across the planet, also can hunt for other unique NFT items such as Goliter’s costumes or player’s factory decorations.

Properties of Goliter

Golden Planet The latest exciting play to earn experience for gamers

Goliter is divided into 5 levels, which correspond to 5 levels of indicators, including: mining power, mining speed. To own Goliter, players have 4 choices with 4 fixed price boxes of $25, $50, $100, $200 that convert to GOLDM in real time and use the appropriate amount of GOLDM to buy the box and to open, with Golites appearing depending on the crate.

Upon transforming into Goliter, players will immerse themselves in the work of exploiting valuable GOLDM resources in the world of the Golden Planet. In 120 seconds, each goliter has a different mining capacity, rest and work the next day.

The difference of the game Golden Planet

It can be said that auto click or auto play online games are slowly killing the fun of playing. After all, the main purpose of the player is to experience it firsthand. In addition, the automatic gameplay will not accurately reflect the player’s actual skills. 10 players, the results are the same for all 10, extremely boring.

In contrast, Golden Planet offers players the best experience with the incarnation of the character in the game mode. The result depends entirely on the skill of the player. The higher the level, the more GOLDM coins are earned.

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What gamers worry about the most when participating in MMO (make money online) games is ROI (payback time). Coming to Golden Planet, players can rest assured because of the quick payback period. Not only that, if you are a big player with good skills and sensible tactics, it is possible to earn multiples of the starting capital in a short period of time. If you spend a little free time playing games every day, you can make a decent amount of money.

Another big plus of Golden Planet is beautiful graphic design, realistic, attractive and lively 3D gameplay. In addition, with clear, easy-to-understand rules and instructions, players can easily participate in the game without spending too much time learning.
In addition, Golden Planet has a fixed box purchase price throughout the game, allowing following players to calculate and strategize in order to gain the greatest advantage for themselves.

1645754642 92 Golden Planet The latest exciting play to earn experience for gamers

Many people still have the thought of “waiting for a hot game to join”. However, successful gamers rarely choose such a direction, because in this area the pioneer always has a huge advantage.

For that reason, the new game news released on February 22nd, 2022 is great news for everyone who is looking for a new game in the blockchain gaming market and has more than one reason to join now. Since the new game will not have many competing players, the chances of winning are very high. In particular, there will be many attractive publishing gifts during this time.

Conceived and developed over a long time by a team of talented and experienced founders, it is not difficult to explain the outstanding advantages of Golden Planet. In order to produce such a game, the whole team had to research, research and create day and night. Founded with a lot of effort and brainpower, Golden Planet has not disappointed the blockchain gaming community and the founders themselves.

With such outstanding benefits, Golden Planet promises to create a big explosion in the blockchain gaming community in the near future. This is truly a game worthy of players’ attention.
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