TVL in DeFi has returned to the $200 billion mark, CPH, XCP and LUNA gain the most

Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi managed to surpass $200 billion as the crypto market recovered from last week’s downturn. Several native assets from smart contract protocols have posted double-digit gains, with Cypherium (CPH), Counterparty (XCP), and Terra (LUNA) leading the way.

TVL in DeFi across all top blockchains hit a bottom of $185.9 billion on Jan. 28 and is up 10.61% since the day.

Curve dominance is currently 8.68% with a TVL of $17.5 billion, but is down 7.33% from last week.

TVL in DeFi returns to the $200 billion mark

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Ethereum still holds the most TVL in blockchain DeFi at $109.61 billion, or 55.94%. Followed by Terra ($19.89 billion) and BNB Chain ($11.78 billion).

Figures from show that Chainlink is the largest Oracle DeFi today with 138 protocols and a TVL of $52.66 billion.

In terms of smart contracts, Counterparty (CPH) was the week’s biggest gainer at 330%. Followed by Counterparty (XCP) with a plus of 54% and third place goes to Terra (LUNA) with 52%. At the time of writing, the total value of all existing native tokens of the smart contract platform is $611 billion, down 0.3% from the previous day.

In terms of the cross-chain bridge platform, there is currently $23.63 billion in TVL, up 16.6% from last week. The number of unique addresses that sent funds across the bridge over the past month was 57,911.

TVL in DeFi returns to the $200 billion mark

Source: Coin98 Analytics

TVL’s top 5 blockchains for cross-chain bridges currently include Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Ronin, and Arbitrum. Additionally, data collected by Santiment’s Coin98 Analytics shows that Solana has the most active developers as of February 19, 2022, followed by Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Cosmos and Terra.

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