Polygon Studios Announced A Strategic Investment in Zipmex.

Zipmex, Southeast Asia’s premier digital assets platform, announced a strategic agreement with Polygon Studios, the Polygon blockchain’s famous NFT and gaming branch, to grow its ecosystem through the introduction of the NFT platform Zixel by Zipmex.

The long-term collaboration with Polygon Studios is part of Zipmex’s 2022 plan to fulfill its goal in NFTs and the metaverse, as well as to position its ecosystem for future development. 

Polygon Studios will launch new virtual experiences in the metaverse with Zixel by Zipmex throughout 2022, targeting the Asia Pacific region in addition to investing in Zipmex’s native token, ZMT.

Kelvin Lam, Managing Director of Zipmex Group said:

“We’re thrilled to partner with Polygon Studios in becoming trendsetters of the digital culture in Southeast Asia, a region that has shown significant growth in crypto adoption in recent years. We welcome everyone – no matter if they’re crypto neophytes or natives – to join us in this crypto revolution in both the online and offline world”.

Zixel by Zipmex has successfully hosted its inaugural event on Decentraland, the ‘Zixel Debut Party,’ to commemorate the launch of the NFT platform. Participants from all around the world had the opportunity to connect with the Zixel NFT gallery and Asia’s finest music artists, including Thai Electronic Pop band Getsunova and a DJ performance by Hong Kong-Shanghai-London based music group Yeti Out. 

The event also welcomed attendees to take part in a variety of activities, including a Zixel NFT gallery presentation, NFT badges, and wearable prizes.

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