NEAR x Verida: First native mobile wallet in NEAR protocol

Verida announced its partnership with NEAR, after securing a grant to enhance the Verida Vault with specific capabilities to support their Protocol.

These new features specific to NEAR will include single sign-on support returning a key pair, the creation of implicit accounts, identification of named accounts, support for viewing, sending, and receiving NEP-141 tokens, and support signing of transactions via WalletConnect.

The Verida Vault

The Verida Vault is a mobile application that acts as both a “Data Wallet” and a “Crypto Wallet” for end-users. It provides private key management and a user-friendly interface for interacting with the Verida network and supported blockchains.

This is the entry point for end-users to manage their identity, sign into apps, manage their personal data, send/receive messages and manage blockchain transactions/tokens.

Building on a prosperous partnership: Verida x NEAR

This grant enables Verida to continue an already-successful collaboration with the NEAR ecosystem, having worked on various inbound requests to leverage the Verida SDK in their applications and Verida’s participation in the Open Web Collective in 2021.

Verida is making all of the Verida capabilities available to every NEAR project. This includes Single Sign-On (SSO), decentralized identity, encrypted off-chain storage, secure messaging, and data payments using crypto tokens.

Ryan Kris, COO and co-founder of Verida said, “Our team looks forward to creating a mobile-first wallet experience for management of NEAR tokens, and native NEAR support in the Verida Vault, and enabling users to choose NEAR as their choice of blockchain for building and deploying Web3 applications. This will also empower end-users to connect their NEAR wallets to Verida decentralized accounts (DIDs) for enhanced identity profiles.”

NEAR cofounder, Illia Polosukhin, comments: “We’re excited to support the Verida team as they add more NEAR features to their excellent product. Ease of use and low switching costs are key to mainstream Web3 adoption, so it’s exciting that the Verida Vault will soon make DIDs and messaging available to NEAR users on mobile.”

About Verida

Verida is a full-stack development framework and decentralized personal data network for Web3. The Verida SDK provides capabilities to build Web3 applications to match the features of Web2.

Verida’s network of personal data is owned and controlled by its users, incentivizing them to unlock their data stored on centralized platforms. Builders access this data for new exciting use cases such as trusted storage, identity, decentralized messaging, and single sign-on enabling interoperable ownership of personal data. Users’ private data can be input into smart contracts, enabling connectivity to multiple blockchains.

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