GameStop NFT Marketplace is Now Live, powered by Loopring L2

GameStop NFT Marketplace (beta) is now LIVE, with the full NFT Marketplace coming shortly, built atop none other than Loopring L2.

GameStop NFT Marketplace is built atop the second layer of Ethereum, specifically Loopring L2 to ensure that users receive the strongest digital property rights, anchored by a secure, decentralized, and credibly neutral environment, like Ethereum. Loopring L2 inherits Ethereum’s self-custodial security while abstracting away costly gas fees, leaving no one priced out.

As showcased here, you can now mint NFTs directly on Loopring L2, with all of the security you get from Ethereum L1, for costs of under $1, compared to the prohibitive costs of minting directly on Ethereum L1, which is up to 100x higher.

GameStop choosing to build on L2 first, bypassing L1 altogether, marks a huge step forward for the future of NFTs and an important moment for Ethereum scaling.

Loopring has built the rails for creators to deliver high-performance applications that rival the speeds and scalability of Web2, while also empowering users to receive provable ownership and control over their assets in Web3. These massive speed improvements and lower costs open up the design space to create all sorts of new use-cases for NFTs + gaming that were unimaginable prior.

Get early beta access here, to set up your username + profile, make deposits and be prepared for the full launch of the official marketplace coming soon.

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