Lootex’s Metaverse Game Items Marketplace Now Supports Avalanche!

Lootex has announced that the Lootex’s marketplace now supports Avalanche — one of the fastest smart contracts platforms in the blockchain industry.

They have recently listed new Play 2 Earn games built on Avalanche: CrabadaChiknHeroes ChainedImperium EmpiresBoss Bulls.

Benefits of using Avalanche

Switch quickly between Ethereum and Avalanche without setting up RPC manually

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This integration allows users to hold AVAX in your Metamask wallet, and to trade NTFs on Lootex Marketplace. Avalanche’s high performance and inexpensive transaction fees will accelerate rapid growth. Users value applications that are at parity to the performance of Web2 apps. Avalanche enables Metamask to do exactly that.

Getting started:

1.Connect Wallet to Metamask

2. Select Network “Avalanche”

3. Select “Switch Network” on the MetaMask Notification

4. Finally, select “Approve” on the MetaMask Notification

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