What is Metamon? An exciting game play-to-earn battle royale genre that you can’t miss in 2022

Metamon is a realm that merges science fiction and mythology, where you can travel to new worlds and encounter amazing living forms with unimaginable power.

What is Metamon?

Metamon is a sci-fi and fantasy universe where you can travel to new worlds and encounter gorgeous life-forms with unimaginable power. You control a Gauntlet-like gadget that contains a rare Forma Crystal that allows you to capture, evolve, and turn into a Metamon. You travel through space and time in search of greater power and resources in order to become the best Metamon warrior possible. You enter an epic war for your Faction’s supremacy in the Galactic Federation with the strength of the Forma Gauntlet. The future of this universe will be determined by your actions.

How does it work?

How to play the game Metamon

What is Metamon
  1. Create an MTVRS account (when MTVRS launches in January 2022)
  2. Download the Metamon BR Game (From the MTVRS App)
  3. Play with free or collected Metamon and start earning
  4. Buy Booster Packs to hunt for rare characters, monsters, and items
  5. Collect NFTs and FTs in the game by winning

How to make a profit in the game Metamon

  • To obtain loot, locate and open MON Chests (NFT and FT)
  • Defeat other players and take their belongings.
  • Get access to legendary NFT drops
  • To gain NFT and FT, you must win games.
  • To earn NFT and FT, upgrade your Metamon, Human, and Gauntlet.
  • Tasks and challenges must be completed.
  • Betting on Metamon’s Development / Competitive Match
  • Became one of the top ten players on the leaderboard (Weekly No Loss Prize Pool)

Rules of the game Metamon

What is Metamon
  • Time limit: 5 minutes
  • As time passes, the map becomes smaller.
  • The lobby is now set to 8 participants, but this will be increased to 64 in the future.
  • Random events in the game, such as legendary drops and meteor strikes, can occur at any time.
  • To play, the player selects at least one and up to three Metamon. For new gamers, a free Metamon will be provided.
  • MON allows players to obtain in-game goodies. Players can change into any Metamon on their roster for a short time throughout the game if they collect enough Energy Shards for the Gauntlet, which are randomly dispersed throughout the map.
  • After each Metamon metamorphosis, there is a cooldown.
  • Gauntlet Energy Shards can be earned in-game through consumables that damage and defeat foes, or they can be accumulated over time.
  • Metamon, skins, goods, consumables, NFT, and MON are some of the possible loots.
  • Each game allows players to choose up to 6 Loot items (without any edits after collecting)
  • To win, the player must defeat all other players in the lobby and claim the title of King/Queen of the Hill.
  • Collected Loot is awarded to the top three players (1st = all 6, 2nd = 3 random, 3rd = 1 random).
  • Based on in-game performance, all players receive XP for Metamon, Human, and Gauntlet.

Outstanding Features

The Metamon Expansion

Every three months, the Metamon Universe will develop and extend with new narratives, planets, resources, and Metamon creatures. The expansion will be consistent in terms of games, story, and material, among other things. The community’s and factions’ activities and governance will shape the Metamon story’s destiny as it develops.

A Fully Decentralized Franchise

Metamon aspires to be a fully community-owned and governed DAO with the purpose of creating a self-sustaining Metamon Ecosystem. The $MON token holders directly on the MTVRS platform (www.mtvrs.app) administer the Metamon DAO, voting on strategic decisions for the franchise’s future evolution.


Metamon will hold recurring E-Sports events and tournaments with exciting NFT and FT prizes. Metamon also aims to launch a persistent No-Loss Prize Pool tournament any player can join every week. More details available soon.


April 2022

  • BR Game Early Access Starts (On-going on a rolling basis)

May 2022

  • New Metamon Website Metamon Docs
  • Ring NFT Airdrop Snapshot and Distribution

June 2022

  • BR v1.0.0 Official Launch (Mainnet) Holders Access Metamon Booster Pack NFT Minting Event
  • $MON Token IGO Pre-Sale (For Early Supporters)
  • Free-to-Play Queue Access Raffle and System Start
  • Metamon First and Largest Web3 E-Sports Tournament
  • MON Token IGO Alpha Sale (For $MON-Whitelist Members)

July 2022

  • Metamon BR v1.1 Update Forma Map Release In-Game Releases
  • MON Token IGO Open Sale (For Everyone)
  • MON Token Airdrop Snapshot and Distribution
  • Metamon Merch Store Launch and Limited Edition Season 1 Merch Drop Metamon DAO Launch
  • Metamon Season 1 Start Faction Events and Leaderboard Start

August 2022

  • Metamon BR v1.2 Update (including Mac Support)

September 2022

  • Metamon BR v1.3 Update

October 2022

  • Metamon BR v1.4 Update
  • Metamon Season 1 End Faction Reward Ceremony Metamon Season 1 Party

November 2022

  • Metamon Season 1 Comic

December 2022

  • Metamon BR v2.0 Update New Metamon Game Modes


  • Metamon Season 2 (Story Expansion, New Drop, New Gameplay, New Map…)​
  • Metamon Season 2 Comic Metamon Surprise​Metamon BR v3.0 Update New
  • Metamon Game Modes​Metamon Season 3​
  • Metamon Surprise​Metamon 1 Year Anniversary Celebration
  • Metamon MMORPG: Second Major
  • Metamon Title Metamon RTS and other Titles

Technical Data

Token Metrics

  • Token Name: Metamon Game Tokens
  • Ticker: MON
  • Blockchain: NEAR
  • Token Standard: NEP-141
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Utility, Payment, Staking, Liquidity, Governance token
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000

Token Allocation

What is Metamon

Token Sale

November 2021: Metamon Pre-Launch Drop

September 2021: Metamon Reveal Day Drop

Token Use Case

The MON token of the Metamon game has the following uses:

  • Governance: MON is used in the Metamon DAO to vote on important governance decisions such as Play-to-Earn allocation, treasury management, and strategic decisions for the franchise
  • Payment: MON can be used as payment for Booster Packs, NFT Drops and other items in the Game Store. MON can also be used for payments on the MTVRS NFT Marketplace (secondary / P2P market).
  • Staking/Farming: You will be able to earn MON by Staking/Farming MON on Ref.Finance.
  • Liquidity: The liquidity pool on Ref Finance will be launched by the Metamon and MTVRS teams at TGE to enable swaps and liquidity for everyone.
  • Play to Earn: Players receive Token Rewards through in-game actions and performances that can be exported to your wallet.









The Metamon game project, which runs on the NEAR protocol environment, is a blockchain-based battle royale game that few current NFT games can match in the near future. The game is now in beta testing and is set to release in February. Similarly to Axie Infinity, Axie’s “Earn” pace is currently falling and may decrease further in the near future, despite the fact that the gameplay is quite comprehensive and attracts people. Before playing the game Metamon, you must be cautious in your decisions.

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