Kraken Now Opens Waitlist For Its Future ‘Zero Gas Fees’ NFT Marketplace

Kraken Opens Waitlist For Its Future ‘Zero Gas Fees’ NFT Marketplace

Kraken, a famous cryptocurrency exchange, has announced that the waitlist for their next NFT marketplace, Kraken NFT, is now open.

On debut, the marketplace will offer no gas fees for NFT sales and transfers, as well as a built-in rarity tool, cash or crypto payments, and support for Ethereum and Solana NFTs.

“Once your NFT is custodied with Kraken NFT, you will not pay any blockchain network fees for trading activity that takes place within our platform,” Kraken wrote in a blog spot, “This helps you build your dream collection with near-instant transfer speeds and the peace of mind that spikes in network activity will not impact the cost of your purchases and trades.”

The Kraken NFT has built-in features to help you understand how uncommon various NFT qualities are. Rarity ratings quantify the traits that distinguish each NFT, allowing you to make more informed judgments.

Meanwhile, Coinbase said on Wednesday that the public beta version of its non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace is now available for everyone. Last month, Coinbase announced that its NFT marketplace is in beta, and that “a small set of beta testers who’ll be invited based on their position” on the waitlist will be welcomed. However, in the first week of its beta, the NFT marketplace witnessed just 900 transactions and 73 ETH (about $210,000) in sales volume, however, Coinbase did not specify how many users were given access to the site.

Coinbase NFT marketplace’s primary difference, according to the firm, will be a new “social function” that aims to increase the connection between artists and users, allowing them to build an endlessly growing community of creators. Some teaser images of the marketplace have been revealed that resemble a mix of Instagram and OpenSea. Users may create profiles to display their collections (which others can follow), as well as a discover feed that, according to Coinbase, can suggest NFTs to you “based on what you buy, what’s trending, who you follow, and more.”.

While Kraken is a prominent player in the crypto exchange sector, it appears that it is entering the NFT market a little late and at a time when NFT sales are at an all-time low.

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