NFT Milady was boycotted because the founder admitted “dark past”

After Azuki, it was the turn of another emerging NFT project called Milady that was turned away by the community because of controversy about the founder.

The information that has been stirred up by the NFT investment community on Ethereum in the past few days is that the founder of the NFT project Milady, Charlotte Fang, admitted to having a “dark past,” having joined the suicide support group on 4chan, the group advocates white supremacy and anorexia nervosa.

At the end of last week, many Twitter accounts spread information that the team behind Milady actually has a name “Miya,” the extremely “infamous” character on the social network 4chan, is a key member of groups advocating extremism and toxicism.

The Twitter community then unearthed more evidence linking Miya to Milady’s founder himself, a person with the alias Charlotte Fang. In the face of public discontent, Charlotte Fang, on May 21, admitted all.

Even so, that still wasn’t enough to get the investment community to “accept” Milady. From a peak of 1.59 ETH on May 20, the NFT Milady floor price is now only 0.3 ETH, down nearly 80% in less than 7 days.

Milady is an avatar collection of 10,000 NFTs that are individually drawn. This NFT once emerged in the period of February-March 2022 and was “promoted” by many famous Twitter accounts in the crypto community.

This is the second well-known NFT initiative to get involved in a feud with its founder this May. Previously, Azuki, the Vagabond founder of the NFT collection, abruptly revealed that he had established three additional NFT projects, all of which failed due to “copying ideas” or being forgotten by this person in the middle.

Vagabond proudly says that these are the “lessons” that have led to the successful Azuki of today. Vagabond’s revelation has received enough “brick and stone” from the community.

However, there are also some theories that NFT projects are “making excuses” for the downfall of the cryptocurrency market, launching FUDs to make NFT prices fall and thereby “bottom-fishing” NFTs to serve the market. future plans and “blow the price” up again.

Martin Shkreli, “America’s most hated man,” recently revealed that he held NFT Milady and was exposed to the crypto industry while in prison.

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