SEXN: Sex to Earn – works the same way as STEPN?

The SEXN crypto project, which works the same way as STEPN, plans to launch its mobile app to reward physical activity, but this time intimate.

SEXN is designed to give users two indispensable things that humans love most: sex and money.

This sexual application will start from sex-to-earn and gradually develop private social and e-commerce sectors Users of SEXN will gain a high return of $SOT (Sex Orgasm Token) and $SST (Sexual Stamina Token) through ‘SEX.’ There are several modes, including coitus mode, masturbation mode, Sadism & Masochism model, and super mode, which can meet the needs of different groups of people in different situations and contain other rewards methods.

At the beginning of May, the project held a preliminary sales round of SST management tokens at the end of the month – Sex Orgasm Token (SOT) tokens in the game.

The team sold 700,200 SOT for 0.00085 BNB (~ $0.25) per token during the event. This project has raised about 175 thousand dollars. Since then, the price of the ticket has dropped significantly. At the time of writing, SOT was trading on PancakeSwap for about 0.000211 BNB (~ $0.06).

The SST Admin Token is also available on PancakeSwap. According to CoinMarketCap, the asset is trading at $0.01282, with a 51% increase in the past day.

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