What Is Pantera Capital? Cryptocurrency Investment Giants

What is Pantera Capital?

Pantera Capital was founded in 2003. When it first started, Pantera Capital was also a traditional investment fund. Pantera is gradually seeing the potential development of digital assets in the future. As a result, the company decided to shift investment towards blockchain and crypto projects in 2008. It was launched as the first fund in the United States to invest in blockchain technology projects primarily. Pantera is considered one of the pioneers in this new and rapidly growing market. Pantera Capital mainly invests in enterprises and projects related to Blockchain from the early stage. They also focus on building products and services in the blockchain ecosystem.

Pantera Capital is leading crypto and blockchain-focused asset manager founded by Dan Morehead. With $5.6 billion of assets under management as of December 2021. Since 2013, it has supported more than 90 blockchain companies and 100 trading tokens at an early stage.


Pantera Capital was founded by Dan Morehead (former CFO and Head of Macro Trading of Tiger Management) in 2003.

  • Dan Morehead: CEO & Co-Chief Investment Officer Dan began his career as a Securities Trader at Goldman Sachs. He graduated in Civil Engineering from Princeton University.
  • Joey Krug: Co-Chief Investment Officer He is also Technical Advisor of Numerai, Urbit, and Ox. Joey is the Co-Founder of AngelList Syndicate. Joey graduated in Computer Science from Pomona University.
  • Paul Veradittaki: Partner – Paul joined as a Partner at Pantera in 2014. He helped launch the Pantera Venture Capital Fund and has made more than 100 investments.


With 5.6 billion dollars of assets under management as of December 2021, Since 2013, they have supported more than 90 companies, projects on Blockchain, and 100 trading tokens at an early stage.

Pantera Capital has successfully raised $600 million for its fourth Crypto Fund, about 75% of which comes from institutional investors. This is probably a massive grant for this crypto investment fund to develop plans that contribute to the development of Blockchain technology.

According to their report: Pantera Capital was only a small fund with a total capital of about 175 million dollars in 2018. However, after receiving credit and huge grants from many organizations and wealthy crypto investors, the fund quickly grew and received more support.

Pantera Blockchain Fund

In June 2021, Pantera established the Pantera Blockchain Fund with a per-project investment limit of $1 to $15 million. The fund invests primarily in DeFi and tokens.

Pantera Funds allows investors to access new, illiquid Blockchain token projects in the early stages to help investors invest in them.

Pantera Funds are subdivided into five investment funds based on different risk levels: Blockchain Fund, Liquid Token Fund, Early-Stage Token Fund, Bitcoin Fund, and Pantera Venture Fund.

Portfolio of Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital invests in ideas and projects that have the core infrastructure of the blockchain ecosystem, including exchanges, institutional trading tools, decentralized finance, and next-generation payment systems… Since 2013, the company has supported more than 80 blockchain companies and 65 token investments in the early stages.

Pantera Capital’s portfolio is divided into venture capital projects and early-stage token investments. Among the areas that the company aims to invest in is our blockchain infrastructure for the ecosystem, payments and transactions in the crypto sector, Blockchain integrated solutions for businesses, DeFi, marketplace, and financial services related to digital assets.

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