Premint, NFT Freemint Platform Was Hacked

On July 17, 2022, the NFT community buzzed with the news that the most popular freemint platform,, was hacked.
Premint, NFT Freemint Platform Was Hacked

Mentioned about the NFT and metaverse groups, the community will know about *, which includes projects for free NFT mints that are considered to have FOMO potential.

(*Readers are advised not to visit the site at this time.)

The platform’s website has been hacked recently, wallet addresses accessing the website within the last few hours will be required to authenticate a command.

This confirmation will allow the website to do any transaction with your wallet (money transfer, NFT transfer, …). In other words, you give the hacker permission to use your wallet.

Currently, many people have become victims of this incident. The NFTs in their wallets are all moved elsewhere, there are junk NFTs and many high-value NFTs.

After discovering the problem, the Premint team announced:

Besides, you need to understand the smart contracts that you “approve” when using the wallet. Read carefully before approving any type of order, even if it’s a website you’ve used many times. Currently, there is no information on the fixed status of the problem.

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