Leading GameFi project coming to BNB Ecosystem: The No.1 GameFi- Pikaster on KCC now supports BNB Chain!

Pikaster – the leading GameFi project on KCC

Pikaster is a leading play-to-earn GameFi project developed by Metaland and powered by Unity Engine. It is built on KuCoin Community Chain (KCC). A card-based battle strategy PvE and PvP game, featuring Pikaster (as NFTs). The game includes a range of features, including innovative NFTs Staking and Evolution mechanisms, Scholars system, Guilds, World Trees, Marketplace and in-game wallets.

Pikaster has adopted a 3-token model – $RBP $SRBP as game tokens and $MLS as governance token. The 3-token model provides a distinctive perspective tackling in-game inflation, allowing a superior control on the balance of token minting Vs. burning.

Game mechanics is straight-forward for new players: A player chooses 3 to 5 Pikasters to enter a battle, where 3 pikasters will begin the line-up. When one of them is defeated, your back-up Pikaster will then enter the battle. At the beginning of each turn, each player will get 6 random skill cards and 3 Energy Points. The battle will begin when both players are ready. There are 6 classes of Pikasters where each class will restrain one another. Weather conditions will also enhance or restrain different class attributes.

Currently, total registered users number reaches the 400,000 mark, while stable daily active users are at approximately 5,000 players. The total community size reaches 200,000 players!

Deploying on BNB Chain

BNB Chain, one of the most popular blockchains in the world, dedicates to delivering its core infrastructure necessary for future public adoption, and always remains as a community-first and open-source ecosystem built on a permissionless and decentralized environment.

Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain have formed together as BNB Chain since February 15, 2022. BNB Chain comprises BNB Beacon Chain (previously Binance Chain) and BNB Smart Chain (previously Binance Smart Chain). The name change is not merely for welcoming the crypto world with more than 1 billion users but also to strengthen the delivery of the core infrastructure necessary for future public adoption and, most importantly, to build a better ecosystem for embracing the large-scale Web3 applications.

Entering BNB Ecosystem

The motivation for Pikaster and its team to deploy on BNB Chain is multilateral:

New Era, New Ecosystem

Pikaster V2.0.0, has been released since 11/08/2022, with a new game subtitle dubbed as Pikaster – New Era. The new upgrade not only includes exciting features such as NFT evolutions – where players are allowed to upgrade their NFTs using ”retired NFTs” as materials – and NFT staking – where players can stake their NFT in order to earn rewards – but also other important changes and balances. Pikaster V2.0 will release on BNB Chain as a new game, and hence, a “New Era”.

Expanding its reach

BNB Ecosystem has been renowned for its vibrancy and diversity. By building on the platform, Pikaster can leverage on BNB’s ecosystem partners and their supports, thereby expanding its reach and acquiring new players.

Replicate its success

Pikaster has been the No.1 GameFi Project on KCC. The Metaland Team is dedicated to replicating its enormous success on BNB Chain while bringing unique gaming experiences with value-added to players on the BNB Chain.

Future releases

The Metaland Team, based in Singapore, is planning to launch at least 2 more new games, one in October 2022 and the next within Q1 2023. By collaborating with BNB Chain, it creates possibilities for Metaland to explore a wider range of partners and supports.

The Launch

Pikaster in-game assets on KCC, including NFTs and in-game tokens $RBP / $SRBP, cannot be bridged to Pikaster on BNB. Therefore, all in-game assets co-exist separately between two ecosystems, each with its own economies.

Pikaster – New Era: INO

Pikaster’s first IGO was launched in April 2022 with huge success: with 54,151 players participating, purchasing a staggering total of 19010 NFTs, raising a total of 1.07M USD over 2 IGO rounds + an NFT Auction.

To celebrate our deployment on BNB Chain, Pikaster will launch 2 rounds of INO: The first round on KuCoin and the second round on GameFi.org. There will also be subsequent token listings on a major BNB Chain DEX, namely Biswap.

GameFi.org is an all-encompassing hub for game finance. Its ecosystem features GameFi Hub, Launchpad, Marketplace, Guild Hub, and Metaverse. GameFi.org was created to work out problems that most game studios have encountered and discovered effective ways in developing a platform that builds relationships with game developers, players, and investors all in one place.

Biswap is the first DEX on BNB Chain with a Multi-type referral system and the lowest exchange fee in the Defi space!

The INO details

First Round

First Round on KC Wonderland(Whitelisted) will begin at 11:30 AM (UTC+0) on the 29th of August, 2022. There will be a total of 4000 NFTs available at a price of 60USD, and there is a probability that a level +1 evolved NFT will be obtained upon hatching. Each player is allowed to purchase up to 5 NFTs. The whitelist is available on a first-come, first-served basis(uncapped), and access to it is contingent upon completing a job on Gleam.

Second Round

The second Round will begin on GameFi.org at 12:30 PM (UTC+0) on the 29th of August, 2022. There will be a total of 1000 NFTs available at a price of 60USD, and there is a probability that a level +1/+2/+3 evolved NFT will be obtained upon hatching. Each player is allowed to purchase up to 5 NFTs. 200 whitelists are available and picked by lucky draw. Access to it is contingent upon completing a job on Gleam.

The second Round of the Open Sale will begin on GameFi.org on the 29th of August 2022 at 13:00 PM (UTC +0). The maximum number of NFTs a player can purchase is 5. If, after whitelisting, all of the NFTs are sold out, the open sale will be canceled.

Participate in Pikaster-New Era INO Whitelist: HERE

Coincu News is excited with Pikaster’s New Era updates. We are looking forward to its new deployment on BNB Chain and foresee another great success with the upcoming INOs!

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