Canadian Prime Minister Attacks Opposition For Supporting Bitcoin

On September 13, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized the opposition party for asking people to invest in Bitcoin to bring down inflation.
Canadian Prime Minister Attacks Opposition For Supporting Bitcoin
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Pierre Poilievre, the new leader of the opposition Conservative Party of Canada, has vowed to support Bitcoin as an asset to beat inflation. However, the Prime Minister of Canada disagreed with this view.

Trudeau called the opposition’s economic ideas reckless and questionable. The Prime Minister’s criticisms come after the Conservative Party, the opposition to Trudeau’s Liberal Party, elected veteran pro-Bitcoin lawmaker Pierre Poilievre as its new leader.

Canadian Prime Minister Attacks Opposition For Supporting Bitcoin
Pierre Poilievre

Earlier this year, Poilievre cracked down on Trudeau for pumping $400 billion into the economy, triggering the worst inflation in 30 years. Poilievre has always been in favor of using other fiat money alternatives, especially Bitcoin.

Back at the beginning of the year, Prime Minister Trudeau activated martial law in order to be harsh with the crowd protesting “Freedom Convoy” demanding the removal of COVID-19 prevention measures. After the government blocked crowdfunding platforms, these people turned to Bitcoin fundraising.

Canadian authorities have asked banks to block financial and crypto transactions associated with the protesters. But after nearly two weeks of tightening, the government decided to repeal the “State of Emergency Law” and the order to unlock frozen accounts.

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