Do Kwon’s Location Can’t Be Determined After Leaving Singapore

Singapore’s police said that Do Kwon has now left Singapore. The Terra founder himself also revealed that he only shares his location with friends and in case of need.

As was updated in previous Coincu News articles, a Korean court has issued an arrest warrant for the founder of the crypto project, four months after the Terra ecosystem collapsed, the luna token its native and algorithmic co-stable TerraUSD – wiping out about $40 billion in value together.

At that time, because Kwon was said to be in Singapore with his family. However, according to information from Reuters, the Singapore police force announced that Do Kwon is currently not living here.

However, the Singapore police said that they will always be ready to cooperate with the Korean police within the scope of Singapore’s laws and international obligations to follow.

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Earlier, Coincu News also updated about the information that Singapore refused to renew Do Kwon’s employment card. Therefore, it will expire on December 7.

Although he cannot determine the actual location, Do Kwon is still very active on Twitter, sharing that he will only reveal his location to friends either in case of need to meet or when “playing games” related to GPS positioning.

In addition, the founder of Terra also shared that he is not on the run and is willing to cooperate with government agencies because he has nothing to hide.

Currently, the Korean side is still trying to disable Do Kwon’s passport, but according to the authorities, it will take a month to do this.

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