Alameda Bitcoin Loans From Voyager Coinciding With Every Bitcoin Dump

Yesterday Voyager filed in bankruptcy court seeking release of $200 million in debt from Alameda Research. However, in the document discovered every Bitcoin dumping coincided with Alameda’s Bitcoin loans.

As was updated in an earlier Coincu News article, according to a court document filed last night, Alameda will pay back principal and loan costs in the amount of 6,553 bitcoin (approximately $128 million) and 51,204 ether (about $70 million), as well as smaller sums in seven other tokens. According to the application, the loans must be repaid by September 30.

Voyager will then return to Alameda the tokens the trading company had pledged as security for the loans – 4,650,000 in the FTX token FTT (roughly $112 million) and 63,750,000 in the utility token SRM (roughly $49 million), issued by the decentralized exchange Serum.

However, one peculiarity was quickly discovered as Alameda’s bitcoin loans from Voyager coincided with every major dumping in the past few months.

This has led the community to raise a big doubt for this venture fund or in other words, whether billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried is involved in the Bitcoin flushes in recent months.

FTX, the exchange with close ties to Alameda, has been connected to multiple potential bailouts following a succession of collapses in the crypto lending sector. Currently, FTX is also the leading name in Voyager’s asset acquisitions.

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