Hackers Control The CoinDCX Twitter Account And Post False XRP Advertisements

Hackers have taken control of the official Twitter account of India-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinDCX, using it to spread false XRP promotions and phishing links in an effort to deceive the account’s followers.

The official customer service account of CoinDCX responded to the hack by flagging the exploit and advising its customers not to follow any links or messages that came from the compromised account. The exchange claims that they are striving to retrieve the account and will soon update its followers.

In order to make their scheme appear authentic as of the time of writing, the hackers have been retweeting the official postings of Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse. As they do this, the scammers react to tweets about cryptocurrency with fraudulent links.

Users who click on the account’s links run the danger of losing their money to the hacker’s ruse.

CoinDCX Twitter has more than 230,000 followers

If the problem is not fixed quickly, the losses could get really bad.

Earlier this month, phishing links to a phony Ripple event utilizing Garlinghouse’s photographs as their thumbnails were posted to the Twitter account of one of the Big Four accountancy companies, PwC Venezuela, which was also hijacked.

On the same day, a South Korean government-owned official YouTube account was afflicted by an Elon Musk giveaway fraud. The account was hacked, renamed SpaceX Invest, and started posting phony videos of Musk discussing cryptocurrencies.

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