Redditors Respond To Survey Of Crypto Billionaires With “Legitimate” Objectives

While some Americans think they can trade cryptocurrencies and become billionaires, some Redditors say it may be wiser to set lesser, more manageable objectives, like becoming millionaires.

In a study, market research company The Harris Poll polled 1,989 persons in the United States and discovered that more than 70% of them felt they had the necessary skills to become millionaires in the future. Members of the cryptocurrency subreddit, however, had different objectives in mind.

Crypto investors should focus more on increasing people’s standard of living

One commenter believes that instead of aiming to become billionaires, crypto investors should focus more on increasing people’s standard of living. They wrote:

“Being a billionaire is a laughable goal because it is a move to the extreme. Lifting up the standard of living for all people […] is something that is actually attainable.”

One Redditor commented on the survey results and suggested that the remaining 30% of respondents are more “realistic” and may merely be aiming for millionaire status. Another poster then claimed they would be pleased if their cryptocurrency investments outperformed their 401(k).

However, other residents of the neighborhood noted that a billion may not be that far away due to inflation. Another person replied that it might happen if one plays their cards well. They wrote, “Invest in shitcoins and hope to win the lottery.”

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