Deutsche T-Systems MMS Will Provide Infrastructure to Validate Nodes

T-Systems MMS – Deutsche Telekom‘s operator’s subsidiary – will be the Ethereum blockchain validator by switching to the more eco-friendly consensus.

The hard fork of Ethereum “The Merge” has transferred from energy-intensive consensus PoW to the environmentally-friendly PoS, to reduce the energy definitely.

This event has raised the concentration of individuals, enterprises, and other institutions that prefer more effective technology for high energy consumption.

Deutsche T-Systems MMS

Deutsche Telekom and its subsidiary had accounted for the expansion into the field of Ethereum blockchain in the form of validator nodes and staking.

“Our cooperation partner StakeWise collects individual Ether tokens from many different owners and merges them into validator nodes. These validator nodes are provided and operated as infrastructure by T-Systems MMS,” says Dirk Röder – Head of Blockchain Solutions Center at T-Systems MMS.

With the move to PoS, this company expects an increase in capital flows in the Ethereum network, moving to the entirely decentralized platform that put into the environment’s issues. Being said, T-Systems MMS will enhance the reliability of this ecosystem.

As a node operator, our entry into liquid staking and the close collaboration with a DAO is a novelty for Deutsche Telekom,” adds Röder.

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