Lightning Network Capacity Reaches 5.000 BTC

The layer-2 Lightning Network strikes 5.000 BTC ($96 million). More and more Bitcoiners support the network as the payment of channels around the world. Even though the winter crypto, the layer-2 payment still flourishes as the must-choose solution.
Bitcoin Lightning Network capacity.
Bitcoin Lightning Network capacity. Source: Look into Bitcoin

The lightning network capacity offers users the way to send and receive money with higher speed and lower gas fees. That means the more capacity the network has, the more liquidity is available. The system can executive numerous transactions in a short time.

This network was launched in 2018 and became a reliable payment network. Even though many Bitcoin influencers did not believe in its capacity, the network still hit 4.000 BTC in June and 5.000 on 3 Oct 2022.

Nicolas Burtey – CEO Galoy – has tweeted on his official account about the event of 5.000 Bitcoin achievement. He also said that the adoption of the bitcoin lightning network in El Salvador is an important innovation.

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Nicolas added “This is where all metrics really started to take off,” and “The bill should have actually been called the Lightning Law!”

He emphasized the strike of 5.000 BTC metric is vital. “Payment velocity per channel is growing at an even faster rate. It’s a more meaningful metric, but only node operators can see it, so it’s not so prominent in the media.”

Many large companies like MicroStrategy are experimenting with lightning networks in their operating system.

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