Take a look at the top 4 NFT projects today

The 4 top NFT projects which have stood out since their latest launch: 0N1 Force, CyberKongz, Generativemasks and Pudgy Penguins have all generated important revenues, in line with the newest report from information assortment and analytics firm DappRadar. The first three projects have been all began in August, the final in the second half of July.

Take a look at the top 4 NFT projects today
Top NFT venture – 0N1 Force

Top NFT venture – 0N1 Force

The 0N1 Force has had one in every of the finest kick-offs of any NFT venture, the report says, with all indicators wanting “very solid”. In simply seven days of its existence, the assortment had whole gross sales of over $ 115.3 million, “a number that most collections haven’t even reached in a few months.”

At the time of reporting, the market cap (the reserve price is the lowest collectibles price) was $ 92.4 million, the top sale – $ 622,835, the whole quantity is $ 115.34 million, and the variety of dealerships is 13,344.

The demand for 0N1 has skyrocketed, reaching 3,987 particular person owners, “making it one of the most widely used collectibles in space”.

But as demand grows, the venture might be heading for consolidation. However, it has all the qualities to be a top NFT assortment in the future.

Leading NFT Project – CyberKongz

Project CyberKongz (VX) generated over $ 30.9 million in 2 weeks and reached greater than 2,800 particular person owners. The report says early buyers are up at least 1,114 p.c from the mining price.

Market capitalization on the change is $ 35 million, the highest gross sales quantity – $ 389,606, whole quantity – almost $ 31 million, with 9,594 merchants.

One of its strengths is utility – “something that has always been beneficial in the NFT space”. The venture now appears to be solidified, a clear demand has been made and as quickly as your banana store is totally useful, “key figures could rise again”.

(*4*) the report stated.

Leading NFT venture – generative duties

Generative masks are “a groundbreaking collection,” says DappRadar. The venture has generated whole gross sales of greater than $ 10.7 million since its inception. The reserve price did not go up a lot, however early buyers have been at least 150% in revenue.

Market capitalization on the change is $ 7.92 million, the highest sale is $ 9,054, the whole quantity is $ 10.7 million with 7,696 merchants.

Although the quantity generated will not be giant, “the demand is there”. It’s additionally a well-distributed venture with solely 343 shares held by the top 5 wallets. It additionally attracts each Larva Labs buyers and Parallel Alpha owners.

Top NFT ventureChubby penguins

Pudgy Penguins posted whole gross sales of $ 97.6 million in 5 weeks, with almost 25% in the final 7 days, and was one in every of the top-selling collections in August.

Because of their low mint price, first-time buyers are at least 11.733% greater than the preliminary price, the report stated.

The market capitalization on the change is $ 99.96 million, the highest gross sales quantity – $ 458,752, the whole quantity – $ 97.6 million, and the variety of merchants – 23,326.

Its energy is its excessive diploma of distribution – Pudgy Penguins is owned by 4,547 sole proprietorships who “answer all questions about the possible risk of manipulation”. In addition, the demand continued to rise, which repeatedly pushed the minimal price upwards.

Concerns, nonetheless, embody the storage course of, which has been described as “nowhere near ideal” in the NFT area, and the lack of a clear roadmap.

“If the team can improve these aspects, we will continue to see penguins at the top of the NFT leaderboard for the coming months,” stated DappRadar.

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