Aptos Will Distribute Over 20.076 Million APT to Over 110,000 First Time Testnet Airdrop Participants

The Aptos Foundation has officially announced that they will be issuing a total of 20,076,150 APT Tokens that will airdrop to 110,235 testnet participants via [email protected] during the first testnet airdrop.

On October 18, Aptos officially announced that it will distribute 20.076 million APT to more than 110,000 testnet airdrop participants. This is the first time it has conducted an airdrop based on existing community data.

Users who have completed the Aptos Incentivized Testnet application or minted “APTOS: ZERO testnet NFT” are eligible to claim the APT Token (the original user who created the NFT is eligible to claim, not the current holders of the NFT). Eligible users to claim APT Tokens will be notified via email within the next few hours.

As updated in an earlier Coincu News article, on October 17, the official mainnet was released marking the first step in a long journey towards creating equitable access and globally into decentralized applications for billions of people through a secure, scalable, and upgradable blockchain.

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However, the community has raised many criticisms about the ecosystem that has not been launched yet, with many wallet projects, exchanges, DeFi and NFT yet to launch, Aptos native coin itself is APT but mainnet has already been released. There are also leaked information that the mainnet deployment process is accelerated too quickly, making the network unstable.

In response to the criticism, the project still claims to have had a successful launch date and the two leading cryptocurrency exchanges at the moment, Binance and FTX, have both announced that they will list APT respectively on October 19 at 01:00 am UTC, but it is not clear which users have coins to deposit on the exchange except the funds that participated in the Aptos funding round.

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