How To Claim APTOS Airdrop

Aptos is a new layer-1 blockchain project that focuses on providing the most secure and available blockchain to many users worldwide. They promises to become a layer-1 blockchain surpassing its two seniors, Ethereum and Solana with a strong development team that has served big projects like Diem and Novi. Who has participated in Testnet and mint APT Zero testnet NFT will receive an email to claim, and each wallet will receive 150 $APT. In article, we will guide you claim airdrop.

Step-by-Step Guide Claim Aptos

Step 1: Acess website:

Step 2: Login with account Discord/Google you already claim NFT before

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Step 3: Connect wallet Petra Aptos. At this step you need import Martian wallet -> Petra wallet. You have to get the 12 characters secret phrase from the Martian wallet by selecting the bottom right corner of the settings => Secret Phrase => Then enter the wallet password => Select Copy 12 characters.

Step 4: Import Wallet to type 12 secret phrase. Then connect wallet.

Step 5: Claim airdrop 150 $APT/ Wallet.


You have 6 days to claim Airdrop, so hope with this article can help everyone claim $APT easily.

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