PancakeSwap Proposes Mainnet Deployment To Aptos

PancakeSwap team released a proposal in the community, proposing to deploy the protocol on the Aptos mainnet. The team plans to deploy 4 of PancakeSwap’s main features, Swap, Farm, Pools, and IFO, on Aptos and launch CAKE natively on Aptos.
PancakeSwap Proposes Mainnet Deployment To Aptos

The voting for the proposal will start on October 21 at 12pm UTC and will end on October 23 at 12pm UTC. If the proposal is approved, the deployment will be done over Q4.

This is the decentralized exchange’s first native multi-chain proposal, according to the decentralized exchange (DEX). PancakeSwap claims that its interest in Aptos arose for a variety of reasons.

To begin, Aptos is described as a next-generation L1 blockchain. PancakeSwap also mentioned that the blockchain offers low transaction fees, large transaction throughput, and rapid transaction speeds.

Aptos, according to the DEX, employs an innovative and developer-optimized method of parallel processing, allowing for significant technical and user advantages.

PancakeSwap Proposes Mainnet Deployment To Aptos

PancakeSwap said Aptos has a staff with deep knowledge of crypto goods, which helped it choose the blockchain. Furthermore, it claims that the scalable Layer 1 blockchain has a large developer ecosystem that is surrounded by multiple protocols. According to the DEX, these protocols on the Aptos ecosystem will suit its future partnerships and goods.

Notably, PancakeSwap has revealed its strategy for the impending rollout. According to PCS, the protocol must become a multi-chain protocol and succeed on the deployed chain in order to provide value to CAKE holders.

PancakeSwap Proposes Mainnet Deployment To Aptos

The PCS team suggests deploying four of its core features on Aptos to ensure a successful deployment expedition. These features include trade, farms, pools, and IFO. The protocol thinks that rapidly adopting these features will cement PCS as the premier Aptos DEX. Furthermore, it believes that such advancement would allow Chefs to bring PCS’s best features to the ecosystem.

PancakeSwap, for its part, reiterates its commitment to ensuring that CAKE holders benefit from the rollout. To do this, it suggests collaborating with bridges and centralized exchanges. This, as planned, will allow CAKE to be bridged between the BNB network and Aptos. As a result of this breakthrough, CAKE holders can participate in both chains.

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