Glassnode Acquires Crypto Portfolio Tracking Tax Platform Accointing.Com

Glassnode, a leading source of crypto market analytics, has acquired the crypto portfolio monitoring tax platform Accointing.Com, allowing customers to track their portfolios in one spot.
Glassnode Acquires Crypto Portfolio Tracking Tax Platform Accointing.Com

Glassnode is an on-chain and market data intelligence service that offers traders and investors a market intelligence package as well as sophisticated metrics spanning on-chain and crypto-financial data, delivered via actionable charts.

According to the release, Glassnode will connect with in the next months, integrating both into a single platform.

After the connection is complete, Glassnode customers will be able to access’s services, such as seeing their portfolio assets across wallets and exchanges.

Glassnode Acquires Crypto Portfolio Tracking Tax Platform Accointing.Com’s automatic crypto tax compliance and reporting services will also be available to users. Furthermore, users will be able to access both platforms using the same login until the integration is complete.

In the same month, Glassnode highlighted that for a bear market to achieve its ultimate floor, the percentage of coins held at a loss should migrate predominantly to individuals who are least price sensitive and have the most confidence.

According to the data source, one of the primary consequences of a prolonged bear market is the transfer of wealth among the surviving players.

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