FX Trading Markets announced the closure after the FXT token almost dropped to 0, Lion Group wrote a “farewell letter” and did not forget to set a new date for the orange season.

FXTradingmarkets, full name is FX Trading Markets Limited, the forex trading platform accused of fraud by the Lion Group has announced that it will close its business today (June 26th).

FXTradingmarkets claims to be a forex broker headquartered at 57 London Street, UK and currently licensed by the UK government under number 11969799.

To trade on FX Trading Markets, traders need to visit the exchange’s website and create a new trading account using the referral link. First of all, the exchange will instill trust with traders by giving them experience with virtual capital of around $ 1000. An instructor will then appear to help you trade real money on the “promise” of making quick profits. In addition, FXT is the main currency that is traded on FX Trading Markets, the exchange promises that the winnings will be paid out to the player’s account.

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How FX Trading Markets Work

How FX Trading Markets Work

Massive PR celebrities

May the online community had the opportunity to stir when a number of famous entertainment stars simultaneously talked about holding large numbers of coins such as Shiba Inu, Dogecoin …

For example, within a few hours, Ngoc Trinh suddenly shared a series of information about investments in the cryptocurrency market on Facebook with a “green tick” to the queen of lingerie. Notably, Ngoc Trinh also mentioned FXT in her status.

In addition, other actors, celebrities, KOLs such as Kieu Minh Tuan, Nam Thu, Le Duong Bao Lam, Nguyen Tuan Kiet met without an appointment and at the same time shared information about cryptocurrencies with similar content To … “,” If this Cypriot on 1 USD rises, then … “.

1624723155 781 FX Trading Markets announced the closure after the FXT token

Ads allegedly made by Lion Group to order artists | Source: Facebook

According to the Lion Group advertisement, if you just spend at least $ 1,000, you can enjoy “terrible” profits of up to 1% / day on the “Sit and Eat”. Trading was supported by the FXTrading Markets Expert Panel, with a commitment to only win and never lose anyone. The interest rate is incredibly high, but according to VTV, the group has so far attracted at least 60,000 players in Synthetic Team to invest money in the Lion Group to invest in forex in disguise.

To join the Lion Group system, participants must open an account with FxTrading Markets, deposit at least $ 1,000 and have guaranteed a profit of 0.8-1% / day, 20-24% / month. At the same time, the more money you invest, the higher the income. For example, if you want to earn tens of millions of dong per month, just invest $ 2,000; Wanting billions of dong / month only need $ 20,000.

Not only does it offer high returns, it also offers commissions at various levels as investors demand and develop more subordinates. This is one of the typical characters used by multilevel general models in Synthetic Team.

1624723155 630 FX Trading Markets announced the closure after the FXT token

According to the VTVThe Lion Group also revealed a number of unusual details: operating in an unlicensed multi-tier method, paying unusually high interest rates, promoting it as an international forex floor, but 90% of the people who access FXT are from Synthetic Team, especially the conversion of participants Convert the investment amount into a virtual currency called FXT. This virtual currency is also only traded within the Lion Group and the FXT exchange. In the event that there are no internal buyers or the stock market goes out of business, investors risk losing money.

The key person behind the Lion Group is Iker Phuong. This person claims to be a self-made millionaire at the age of 35, author of a book, expert in personal finance and investment finance … Iker Phuong often posts pictures of himself on his personal Facebook. Along with articles on morality, philosophy of life, money stories and get rich talk.

FX Trading Markets announced the closure after the FXT token

Iker Phuong

Lt. Col. Police Reveals “Cabinet Herd” Ploy Chasing Loot – Lions Team Writes Farewell Letter

If you look up fxtradingmarkets on wikifx (the world’s most reputable forex broker review site) you will be warned what a 100% scam sign is as shown below.

1624723156 874 FX Trading Markets announced the closure after the FXT token

Some articles on this floor:

1624723156 826 FX Trading Markets announced the closure after the FXT token 1624723156 788 FX Trading Markets announced the closure after the FXT token

Source: Facebook

Lt. Col. Dao Trung Hieu (Criminology Expert – Public Security Communications Department, Ministry of Public Security) hopes that the authorities will intervene soon to investigate and clarify the illegal activities of the LION GROUP and the perpetrators. Chef Iker Phuong.

Below is the post from Lieutenant Colonel Dao Trung Hieu to the Journalists & Associates fan page:

At the end of last year, my cousin Nga came to my house to invite me to speculate in foreign exchange on the fxtradingmarkets electronic trading floor at the invitation of the Lion Group. No wonder with financial fraud, I strongly advise her not only to think about opportunities, but also about risks. However, the younger sister ignored me and scolded “shy as a rabbit, far from being rich!”. Last week she suddenly called back in fear, saying that the $ 20,000 invested is in danger of “evaporating” if that floor is always in a maintenance condition or does not allow investors to withdraw funds.

From the day she found out she might have been betrayed, she stopped eating, sleeping, exhausted from her loss, and didn’t know what to do to get her money back. The phrase “take a risk, eat a lot” is no longer their catchphrase, as is usually the case. I want to know that Russia’s knowledge of short-term foreign exchange speculation is only in the form of “rice and rice”. The reason she ventured into this field was only because she heard some women in the same agency say that this is leisurely money-making, billions of silver have a chance to lose.

The term Foreign Exchange is abbreviated as “Forex” or “fx” and refers to the international exchange of currencies. In short, the foreign exchange market (foreign exchange market) is the place where the countries’ currency exchange activities take place through the banking system and credit institutions. It sounds strange, but in fact, forex trading is a familiar activity in life. For example, in Synthetic Team, buying a certain product from abroad in local currency (VND) means participating in a foreign exchange transaction because the importing company had to convert VND into VND goods in advance. The most obvious thing is that we all have to exchange VND for foreign currency while traveling or studying abroad. Hence, forex is “strange” but “familiar”.

Currently, the global forex trading volume is reaching more than $ 6.6 trillion daily (according to a report by market research firm Statista), resulting in a strong development of forex investing activities. This is an area where short-term speculators (traders) make profits due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate of currency pairs. Products in forex investments are currencies such as US dollars (USD), euros (EUR), British pounds (GBP), Japanese yen (JPY), … or gold (XAU), precious metals, crude oil, …). These currencies do not stand alone, they are paired (USD / JPY, GBP / JPY, …) The way to “play” Forex is as follows: For example, if the EUR / USD pair is expected to be in the near future goes up, traders will buy and wait for the price to go up to sell. On the contrary, if you see that currency pair is trending down, you will execute a sell order and wait for the price to go down in order to reduce the order and take a profit. Forex trading is done through forex brokers. At this point, the brokerage company acts as a bridge between traders and institutions to participate in the market. The foreign exchange market used to be just a playground for the rich, as it took a capital of around USD 100,000 (more than VND 2 billion) or more to be “old enough” to participate in trading. Since the appearance of the Forex floor, traders have been able to participate with a modest capital of just a few dozen dollars. A forex broker is an intermediary who connects retailers with liquidity providers by finding a price provider and using that price to make it available to traders. It is also because traders have to go through a forex broker so now there are many fraudulent forex brokers taking money from traders. There have been many shocking forex scams in the world, so some countries like Belgium, Malaysia, North Korea, Pakistan, etc. have banned individuals from trading forex.

Forex began invading Synthetic Team more than 10 years ago, this area is now regulated by the Foreign Exchange Regulation. Until now the foreign exchange market in Synthetic Team is not legalized, so there is no licensed forex broker, but the current law does not prohibit traders from participating in trading in the forex market. Hence, Synthetic Teamese traders need to go to overseas forex brokers to register, open an account, and conduct transactions. This means that transactions and trader interests when participating in Forex are not protected by Synthetic Teamese law.

Lt. Col. Nguyen Van Son brought her cousin’s story to share with Criminal Investigation Officers on Corruption, Economy and Smuggling (C03) and said the unit had received information reflecting signs of ignorance (Lion Community). After initial research, the Lion Group claims to be a forex broker organization that operates in the form of an investment trust, building a tiered network that encourages many people to invest in forex in the forex trading markets. , has a registered address in the UK. Lion touts having forex trading experts (foreign currencies, gold, virtual currencies) to help traders make thousands of dollars in profits in just one month. “Players” only need to open an account with FX Trading Markets, deposit at least USD 1,000 into this account, the rest is up to the experts. Then the money automatically “flows” into your pocket without you having to do anything. This group obliges traders to make 0.8 to 1% profit in one day, which is 30% / month and 360% / year. You can see that this is really the profit “in the world”. The absurdity and utopia is that even with the “Godfather of Wall Street” as billionaire Warren Buffett (USA) the profit from Forex investments is only about 15% per year. The Lion Group’s official website, however, is full of “winged” offers such as: “Lion sets a profit target of 0.8-1% / day …”; “On average, investors earn 20-24% per month …”. “Achievements in the last 17 months (from June 2019) are the community …