Japan’s Toda City Using Metaverse-based Tools In Schools

The metaverse is starting to be used in educational and therapeutic activities. Toda City, Japan, is presently combating school absenteeism via metaverse-based solutions.
Japan's Toda City Using Metaverse-based Tools In Schools

The children, who claimed to have poor attendance, are utilizing a technology developed last year by a charity to allow them to walk around in a virtual environment.

This digital world allows youngsters to tour a virtual university and take virtual lessons, preparing them to return to traditional schools. At least, this is what municipal authorities expect since they have recommended counting these metaverse lessons as normal school hours, provided the principal agrees.

School absenteeism is becoming a major issue in Japan. According to a recent poll conducted by Japan’s education ministry, 244,940 children would be away from school for 30 days or more in 2021. Officials believe this is due to the Covid-19 epidemic and how it has altered how youngsters interact with others.

Japan's Toda City Using Metaverse-based Tools In Schools

A fifth-grader who has been online for about two years stated that it is simpler to relate to and interact with individuals online than in real life. The city’s education center director, Sugimori Masayuki, expects that the youngsters in this program will be able to live independently at some time.

As CoinCu reported, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology announced in July the establishment of a metaverse campus to reach students who cannot attend conventional lectures.

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