Bitcoin Software Company Synonym Launches Bitkit Wallet

Synonym, a Bitcoin software firm, has released Bitkit, a new Bitcoin wallet app with portable online profiles and passwordless web accounts.
Bitcoin Software Company Synonym Launches Bitkit Wallet

The formal announcement was made at the PlanB Forum Bitcoin conference on Saturday. Synonym later sent a release to Bitcoin Magazine.

Bitkit is Lightning-compatible and uses the Slashtags protocol from Synonym. Slashtags is a system that creates portable online profiles, automatically updated contacts, contact payment preferences, and password-free login using Bitcoin cryptographic seeds.

The company believes Bitkit will be distinguished from other Bitcoin wallets by using Bitcoin cryptographic seeds through Slashtags to facilitate mobility.

Bitcoin Software Company Synonym Launches Bitkit Wallet

Paolo Ardoino, CSO of the company, stated:

“Bitkit isn’t a typical Bitcoin app. The Synonym team have managed to take wallets to the next level with a beautiful design and innovative useful new features that will help ensure hyperbitcoinizaion.”

The wallet app is currently accessible in public beta for both Apple and Android smartphones.

The company also revealed Pear Credit, a partnership with Tether and Holepunch. Blocktank Instant, a service that allows crypto exchanges to quickly onboard users to the Lightning Network by outsourcing engineering and infrastructure requirements to Synonym, is also introduced.

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