Portfolio Investment In Blockchain Gaming Of Solana Capital

SolanaVentures’s mission is to accelerate the growth of the Solana blockchain and adjacent ecosystems by providing capital to the most promising teams building in the crypto ecosystem.

This is the top 8 portfolio Investment In Blockchain Gaming Of Solana Capital.


Monkey League – Web3 sports gaming

MonkeyLeague is the next-gen esports metaverse that enables players to Create, Play, Compete, and Earn.


MonkeyLeague combines high-production-value, multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized finance to deliver an exciting, turn-based, play-to-earn soccer game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master.

Play in Three Modes: 1. Player vs Environment: Training mode played against the computer 2. Player vs Player: Classic game where each team is controlled by users 3. Team vs Team: Each team is controlled and played by multiple users

Hawku – The premier marketplace for utility and gaming NFTs


Hawku is the premier marketplace for utility and gaming NFTs – a multi-billion dollar industry exploding in growth. Hawku launched in June 2021 as a data-analysis site for ZED.run and launched a marketplace for gaming and utility NFTs at the end of February 2022. In its first 5 months of operation, the Hawku Marketplace has handled over 30,000 transactions totaling around 4,000 ETH. Hawku is backed by some of the top VCs in the web2.0 and crypto industries, including Lightspeed Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, Multicoin Capital, Animoca Brands, and Alameda Research.

Ceopoly – The largest capitalist metaverse in the world


Geopoly is a geolocation economic simulator that allows users to rent, buy, upgrade and sell real-life businesses worldwide.

Available already on Android and iOS in its off-chain version, with desktop play & earn version coming soon in 2022. Geopoly creates a fun and innovative experience based on real-world data interacting in 2 different layers: On and Off-chain.

Stepn – A Web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements

STEPN is a self-styled “Web3 lifestyle app” with GameFi elements on the Solana blockchain. It combines aspects of a play-to-earn game with a fitness app to create a new category coined “move-to-earn.” Users buy NFT sneakers, which they can use to earn in-game currency while walking, running, or jogging.


STEPN aims to revolutionize the market of fitness applications by incentivizing millions of users to follow a healthier lifestyle. The app solves several problems like “proof of movement” – proving that users exercised – and a functioning GPS. Moreover, STEPN incentivizes users financially and plans to introduce social rewards elements, and successfully contributes to carbon neutrality.

The application is available for Android and iOS and has gone from its inception stage to the open beta version in only five months. After its successful IDO in March 2022, STEPN plans to optimize its in-game features and launch on several other chains in the future.

SkatetX – The MMO NFT game


SkateX is an NFT-driven skateboarding game built on the Solana blockchain. SkateX will offer up one-of-a-kind skateboards as NFT collectibles, which are owned by players and can be bought and sold as they please. But it’ll also bring NFT owners into the community to help influence the game.

EFAS – Open-Galaxy MMOFPS with massive sci-fi battles

Earth From Another Sun (EFAS) is an expansive blockchain-powered sci-fi franchise. It entails a galactic sandbox featuring an ever-expanding multiplayer galaxy with many unique locations to explore, NPCs to meet, quests, and loot to discover.


There will also be several multiplayer game modes and future experiences, games, and collaborations with other art forms. First-person shooter arenas, battle royale modes, and a roguelike game are just some of the content that’s underway.

In EFAS, you can build your army, establish your faction, and conquer planets. Fight alongside the troops you command in meticulously crafted, exhilarating First-Person Shooter combat. Enjoy massive battles with up to 1000 combat units and vehicles, using hundreds of unique weapons, weapon mods, abilities, and enemies that provide a fresh combat experience every session.

Genopets – The gamification of an active lifestyle

Genopets is the world’s first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT game on Solana that makes it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle. Genopets combines user’s step data from their mobile device with blockchain Play-to-Earn economics so players can earn crypto for taking action in real life as they explore the Genoverse evolving and battling their Genopet.


Genopets merges the nurture and evolution of Tamagotchi, the training and battling of Pokemon, and the fitness and social incentives of Strava while rewarding players with crypto for staying active in their daily lives. Genopets has coined this “Move-to-Earn.”

GENE Token is a governance and staking token that represents the value of the Genopets game and is used to craft in-game NFTs. GENE holders gain access to exclusive peaks at new content, have a voice in in-game design, and can participate in special community perks like airdrops.

Avocado DAO – Unlock life-changing opportunities


Avocado DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a collection of contributors that believe in the benefits of blockchain technologies and the metaverse. To advance those benefits, the Avocado DAO intends to undertake and facilitate a range of activities that will initially enrich the ecosystem of blockchain games and provide yield farming and content creation opportunities to their members.

Avocado DAO not only invests in NFT assets but is also focused on growing and enriching a community for virtual gamers to produce content and enjoy blockchain games.

Avocado DAO:   Helping gamers benefit financially by earning tokens empowered by the community and supporting their foundation.


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