Google Cloud Support Solana Ecosystem Development

According to Google Cloud, it participates in and validates the network by running a block-producing Solana validator. According to the company, anyone can establish a dedicated blockchain node in the cloud since Google Cloud is collaborating with the blockchain to offer Blockchain Node Engine to the chain next year.
Google Cloud Support Solana Ecosystem Development

Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of the blockchain project, was mentioned on the official Google Cloud Twitter account. The tweet stated:

Additionally, Google Cloud will index Solana data and add it to BigQuery early in 2019 to facilitate faster access to historical data for the SOL developer ecosystem.

The IT juggernaut revealed Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine last week. The engine was created to aid Web 3.0 developers in creating and deploying fresh goods using the blockchain-based infrastructure.

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Google appears to have already stepped up its efforts to run the SOL validator, in the meanwhile. Solana tech expert positions are now being filled by the Alphabet corporation. Web 3.0 experts with knowledge of DeFi protocol patterns are required for the position. The Ethereum blockchain will be the first supported by the Google Blockchain Node Engine.

Prior to the above news, the SOL price surged strongly, once reaching $38.88, and correcting prices are trading around $35.83 at the time of writing.

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SOL daily chart. Source: Coincu

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