Ethereum’s Centralization Is Criticized By Vitalik Buterin

Following the implementation of the Ethereum Merge on the network for a few months, the terms “censorship,” “centralization,” and “control” have become popular in the Ethereum community.

Ethereum's Centralization is Criticized By Vitalik Buterin

The direction the network is going in raises suspicions, and people have that feeling when confronting Vitalik Buterin, so those accusations are not without merit.

Who is Vitalik Buterin’s adversary?

Ethereum's Centralization is Criticized By Vitalik Buterin

The Ethereum community was questioned by a user going by the handle mr.y on Twitter about the internal governance structure, decision-making process, and roadmap formation.

The user claimed that it is difficult to describe a network as really decentralized when its faith is decided by just one individual, which is why they started a discussion in which they attempted to learn exactly how the Ethereum roadmap is made.

Some users and programmers believe that Vitalik Buterin collects data from programmers, enthusiasts, and validators before reaching a consensus that serves as the cornerstone of a roadmap in the future.

The user, however, questioned the aforementioned strategy and asked Buterin to elaborate on how precisely the Ethereum founder solicits feedback on the blockchain’s future from groups other than the core team.

Surprising answer – Ethereum

Before Buterin responded to the inquiry, it was supposed that he spoke with users through private messages and conferences as it is a practical approach to gather information and subsequently reach an agreement on the network’s future.

The community’s response to Buterin’s statement that one of his techniques of reaching a consensus on the network is “passively reading Twitter and Reddit like everyone else” was divided because establishing an opinion based on an algorithm-driven suggestion feed could be, to put it mildly, wrong.

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