Edward Snowden Outrageously Opposes MetaMask’s New Policy

With the new changes made to its privacy policy, Consensys, the creator of MetaMask, shocked the crypto community and, in particular, decentralization proponents. If it occurred in a society with justice, it would be considered a crime, according to Edward Snowden, one of the most powerful advocates for privacy.
Edward Snowden Outrageously Opposes MetaMask's New Policy
Edward Snowden

Consensys updated its privacy policy on November 23 to inform MetaMask’s more than 20 million users that their IP addresses and Ethereum wallet addresses would be collected and stored when they transact while using Infura as their default Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider.

Edward Snowden expressed his displeasure with the Metamask team on Twitter:

The previous tweet, which was deleted by Snowden, mentioned that he called MetaMask’s actions a crime.

For some customers, the fact that ConsenSys is a US company only serves to increase their mistrust. This is so that government authorities may more easily impose penalties and fines as a result of the collection of such data.

It is evident from the community replies that the majority of people are not happy with this news. The main complaint within the cryptocurrency community is that businesses based on the principles of privacy, anonymity, and decentralization are fading away.

Edward Snowden Outrageously Opposes MetaMask's New Policy

In response to the arguments put forth by experts and the entire crypto community, MetaMask attempted to clear the air by claiming that their privacy policy hadn’t changed and that there had been a misunderstanding.

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