Dash 2 Trade ICO Raises $7 Million And Prepares for Early Launch With Two CEX Listings 

Dash 2 Trade, a cryptocurrency trading intelligence and signals platform, has attracted the attention of an increasing number of investors after raising $7 million in less than a month.
Dash 2 Trade ICO Raises $7 Million And Prepares for Early Launch With Two CEX Listings

Dash 2 Trade is a project with investor momentum building, its key offering – coin intelligence, on-chain analytics, and signals dashboard – ready to launch, a product development roadmap ahead of schedule, and a queue of trading venues lining up to list its token. The hard cap has been raised because product development is ahead of schedule.

Dash 2 Trade ICO Raises $7 Million And Prepares for Early Launch With Two CEX Listings

As a result, by stopping at stage 4, the hard cap target is reduced to $13.4 million. The team is lowering the hard cap for two main reasons.

For starters, the key presale analytics dashboard is ahead of schedule, which means it can be rolled out sooner, and investment funds raised in the presale can be used for marketing purposes right away.

Second, and related to the first reason, the altered market conditions indicate that Dash 2 Trade’s products are exactly what retail investors require right now to conduct thorough due diligence in the aftermath of the FTX debacle.

Out-of-market setbacks present opportunities, as explained further below, and Dash 2 Trade intends to seize them.

The new target means that more than half of the hard cap has now been reached, as momentum builds toward the final milestone.

Furthermore, Dash 2 Trade has already secured commitments from two exchanges – LBank and BitMart – to list the D2T token shortly after the presale concludes.

With these developments in mind, the Dash 2 Trade team has concluded that there is no time to waste in bringing its professional-grade dashboard terminal to market, as it is the ideal market fit for these testing times for cryptocurrency.

To that end, the presale dashboard beta will be available in the coming weeks, and the presale will end earlier than expected. The beta will allow users to begin testing the dashboard’s first key feature.

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