Stellantis-Owned Fiat Launches The World’s First Metaverse-powered Showroom

Fiat, an automotive brand owned by Stellantis, one of the world’s top ten vehicle manufacturers, has opened its first virtual metaverse store, Fiat Metaverse Store.
Stellantis-Owned Fiat Launches The World's First Metaverse-powered Showroom

Through a virtual simulation of the vehicle, the company will let consumers test the experience they will have inside and outside one of its models, the New 500 La Prima, by Bocelli.

The showroom will allow consumers to assess the automobile through a 360-degree view of the vehicle model and test the systems and infotainment array that the firm offers on this vehicle.

Customers may also customize the design and equipment of the vehicle based on the version and extras selected, as well as drive the vehicle through a simulated course.

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Stellantis-Owned Fiat Launches The World's First Metaverse-powered Showroom

The company leveraged Touchcast’s technology to create this experience, which uses Microsoft Cloud as a backbone to give a headset-free metaverse experience.

Olivier Francois, Fiat CEO and Global Stellantis CMO stated:

“At Fiat we are once again the front-runners in offering our customers an innovative and stress-free brand experience. In pure Fiat style, the Fiat Metaverse Store is the first of its kind in the automotive sector. It is a magical experience: an immersive human-driven journey into the world of Fiat. Simple and user-friendly, pursuing the idea of “tech it easy,” and accessible for everyone, thanks to its technology.”

Stellantis-Owned Fiat Launches The World's First Metaverse-powered Showroom

The problem is that the metaverse showroom acts like a genuine showroom and is not open to clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The company intends to increase the number of models in the showroom by the end of 2022, with additional automobiles arriving in the metaverse showroom in the first part of 2023.

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