Amber Transfers 2 Million USDC To Anonymous Address, Is This The Next Company Affected By FTX?

The wallet address associated with Amber was found to have transferred 2 million USDC to an anonymous wallet address. The company is suspected of having a $60 million stagnation on FTX and recently laid off 100 employees and surfaced accusations that the company owed their wages.

Today, Hong Kong-based crypto financial services provider Amber was found to have a wallet address associated with it that secretly transferred 2 million USDC to an anonymous wallet address.

Meanwhile, yesterday it was reported that the Hong Kong-based group had cut hundreds of employees in the current batch. The laid-off workers also said that, under the agreement, they were supposed to pay wages and compensation on December 5, but only pay wages, not compensation.

This company’s staff said the financial response said the bank’s foreign exchange payment problems prevented the money from moving out. Some employees said they would ask arbitration to protect their personal interests.

According to a screenshot of the company’s email, Amber has been allowing Shenzhen employees to work from home since December 2, and some employees reported that the office was leased.


According to people familiar with the matter, Amber is currently independent of Amber Fin, the most profitable internal product. While another major product, Whale Fin, has been in a loss for a long time. The financial situation seems to be more difficult as Amber’s amount exceeding $60 million cannot be withdrawn on the FTX platform.

In addition, according to Tianyancha’s information, one of Amber’s registered companies in China, Shenzhen Aibei Future Technology Co., Ltd., has undergone a legal change on November 22 and legal The company’s personnel was changed from He Yongcheng to Tan Xianlin.

Previously, after the FTX storm, Amber replied that they are not at risk with Alameda or FTT, but they have always been an active participant in trading on FTX and their associated exchange-traded funds account for less than 10%. the total amount.

However, sources indicate that since the Three Arrows crisis in the first half of the year, Amber has been looking for financing, but the financing has not been smooth.

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