“On-chain Detective” ZachXBT Donated 100 ETH To Support Crypto Fraud Investigation

In recognition of ZachXBT’s contributions in exposing countless scams in the crypto industry, especially NFT; The Nouns DAO community voted to donate 100 ETH ($123,000) to this detective to aid their investigation.

The Nuns DAO community of the NFT project voted to donate 100 ETH (approximately 123,000 USD) to “chain detective” ZachXBT to assist them in detecting crypto scams on September 8 with support of 90% of the participants.

This donation will be sent to zachxbt.eth, which currently holds 29,124 ETH, denominated almost entirely in ether and staked ether. The Nouns DAO treasury funds from Noun NFT auctions and the community is able to vote on grants that the funds can be used to support.

@ZachXBT is known as a detective specialized in investigating crypto scams, especially NFT with community recognition and Twitter account with 335,000 followers. Indeed, they have played a crucial role in exposing a host of scammers in the space, including Tai Lopez and BitBoy Crypto. They even exposed three people believed to be behind a massive hack targeting NFT artist Beeple’s Twitter account. What’s more, Beeple thanked their efforts through an artwork honouring ZachXBT. 


Nouns is an NFT collection, whose owners are part of Nouns DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization. Nouns are also a creative experiment on Ethereum designed to improve how on-chain communities interact. The Nouns DAO does this by using its treasury to build and support public goods.

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