DOGE, XRP, And LTC Will All Be Wiped Out

Jim Cramer, a well-known financial journalist and the head of CNBC’s “Mad Money” program, recently advised Becky Quick, a co-host of Squawk Box, to be bearish on cryptocurrency at the moment.
DOGE XRP And LTC Will All Be Wiped Out

He actually has a negative outlook, particularly on three popular coins: Dogecoin (the original meme cryptocurrency), XRP, which is connected to Ripple, and Litecoin, which is referred to as “digital silver” in the cryptocurrency world. He claimed that they are “destined to be wiped out” and are “worth $80 billion in non-Bitcoin.”

Overall, the financial expert has consistently criticized popular cryptocurrencies, excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum, and prefers stocks to digital assets. He made an investment in these two popular digital coins in 2020, when BTC was worth $12,000 at the time.

He utilized his profit from BTC and ETH to buy a farm and a boat when Ethereum’s price increased and it reached an all-time high around the $69,000 mark a year later, according to a previous tweet he sent. Other cryptocurrencies are consistently criticized by the “Mad Money” host as being suspect, and he urges everyone to avoid investing in them to avoid “losing money every year.”

Doge core developer addresses Cramer

Cramer received a response from Michi Lumin, a core developer of DOGE, about his critique of the meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin. He claimed that because DOGE is not controlled by any group or person and only benefits the Dogecoin community.

Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, two IT engineers, founded DOGE in 2013. Markus abruptly abandoned the project because he thought trading cryptocurrencies was nothing more than gambling and that all cryptocurrency growth was based on conjecture.

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