MetaMask Grants Over $500,000 DAO Funds To Agoric And Safeheron

Key Points:

  • Agoric and Safeheron are decided as the first recipients for this grants.
  • Agoric will utilize the $500,000 grant to continue developing open source technologies.
  • Safeheron will use a $35,000 prize to build and conduct a security audit.
According to the most recent release on the Metamask website, the company will distribute DAO funds to the Agoric and Safeheron projects.
MetaMask Grants Over $500,000 DAO Funds To Agoric And Safeheron

This is the season for our newly created MetaMask Grants to make their first awards. DAO is an employee-led program that awards funds to developers who are creating meaningful experiences inside the MetaMask ecosystem. The company chose Agoric and Safeheron as the initial winners.

Agoric will use the $500,000 funding to continue building a variety of open source technologies that will serve as a bridge between security and a fun, fast-paced ecosystem.

Agoric and MetaMask have a long history, with the former providing tools and mentoring aimed at: keeping users secure, and enabling new and exciting extensibility.

The platform discovered the possibility to accomplish extraordinary supply chain security with programs like LavaMoat by integrating Agoric’s tools, and with Hardened JS (previously “Secure EcmaScript”), they have been pioneering what it means to add new services to the wallet at runtime through Snaps.

“We are building a user-centric consent system, and I believe our work with Agoric will allow us to build a safer platform that empowers users to do more interesting things, enabling not only the composition of dynamic and resilient software but also extending into the social fabric,”

says MetaMask co-founder Dan Finlay.
MetaMask Grants Over $500,000 DAO Funds To Agoric And Safeheron

A $35,000 award will be used by Safeheron to create and security audit a key sharding solution for The Flask, Keystone hardware wallets, and mobile apps ( Mobile or alternatives).

Safeheron and MetaMask are continuing their work to improve MetaMask users’ security and usability. This project will focus on improving MetaMask’s key management experience, focusing on: assisting users in managing their Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) to decrease phishing assaults and minimizing the likelihood of keys being lost.

Metamask’s involvement with this project will provide an excellent chance to advance innovation and safety within the Web3 ecosystem.

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