Sports and Cryptocurrency News: Week 13-16. September

NBA athletes showed up in the crypto room last week. Autograph sports NFT platform in partnership with the basketball brand SLAM. And seems to be making headlines weekly with a new sponsorship deal, with the latest promotion leading to a new esports partner for the platform.
Cryptocurrency exchanges target sport sponsorships | Financial Times

That was the top crypto and sports news of the past week.

Sports and Crypto News: Weeks September 13-16:’s latest attempts at esports has been quietly creating a diverse list of sports partnerships in various industries. The exchange has found a partner in Formula 1, professional hockey, Italian football, etc. Last week the platform became a new vertical esports for the first time.

The platform signed a five-year partnership with esports organization Fnatic worth $ 15 million. This deal secures branding on Fnatic jerseys, offers unique fan rewards and brings Fnatic NFT to market in the future.

Cryptocurrency projects and exchanges continue to find established cooperation offers in the area of ​​esports.
Cryptocurrency: The future of sports – Nairametrics

Sports and Krypto News: Weeks 13-16. September: More sports dialogue – NBA athletes collaborate with Blockparty

In a press release this week, former NBA security guard Brandon Jennings teamed up with Block Party. The deal also brings Jennings clothing brand Tuff Crowd and basketball content platform BallIsLife. The collaboration includes clothing from Tuff Crowd in the form of NFTs that can be worn online.

The NBA guard Austin Rivers, who appeared in the knockout phase last season, posted on Twitter that he is “officially entering the crypto world” and wants to learn more about NFT. Another NBA goalkeeper, John Wall, who is expected to leave his Houston Rockets team before next season, also confirmed the sentiment of Rivers. Wall posted his own tweet saying, “I’m jumping on the NFT wave! Which projects should I consider? ”

All of this comes just a week after NBA superstar Steph Curry signed an official partnership with the FTX crypto exchange.

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Sports and Krypto News: Week 13-09 to September 16: Signature Pairing with SLAM

The NFT Autograph platform has already made arrangements with Lionsgate, and DraftKings have partnered with SLAM, a magazine that once spearheaded digital basketball culture through the DraftKings marketplace.

Autograph has only been around for a few months but is particularly active in getting great athletes and brand partners crazy into the sport of NFTs.

Sports and Krypto News: Weeks 13-09 to September 16: Famed football manager Mourinho finds an unlikely partner

Portuguese soccer coach and former player Jose Mourinho is one of the best coaches in history. Last week, Mourinho found an unusual partner at Mastercard UK to develop a unique NFT with an animated ball with Mourinho’s signature. Mourinho is Mastercard’s global ambassador and NFT will be one of them for UK cardholders. It marks Mastercard’s first foray into NFT.

Sports and Krypto News: Weeks from September 13th to September 16th: Algorand finds a non-traditional sports partner again

Algorand recently found some unique ways to get involved in sports sponsorship. A few weeks ago, the Sports Slice program mentioned Algorand’s deal with The Le Mans Virtual earlier this month.

According to CNBC, the cryptocurrency platform has signed a staggering five-year, $ 100 million deal with the Drone Racing League (DRL) for title ownership.

Algorand joins a list of heavyweight DRL partners including NBCUniversal and Twitter (media and streaming rights holders), DraftKings, T-Mobile, etc.

Sports and Crypto News: Weeks 13-16. September: First MLS club finds crypto partner

Newly recognized partnerships and sponsorships seem to dominate sports and crypto headlines, and the past week was no exception. MLS club Inter Miami is one of the few clubs that failed to secure a partnership, and crypto company XBTO has risen to success.

XBTO recently opened an office in Miami, making it the right partner for the club. Although the terms of the deal have not yet been announced, the Sports Business Journal cited sources that the deal will likely be between $ 4 million and $ 5 million a year. This is the first time an MLS club has partnered with a cryptocurrency platform.

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