Hedera Upgraded The Mainnet To Patch The Vulnerability, Working Again After The Attack

Key points:

  • Hedera has stated that the mainnet has been upgraded to fix the vulnerability and the mainnet is now working normally.
  • Before that, to prevent attackers from stealing more tokens, Hedera turned off the mainnet proxy, removing users’ access to the mainnet.
Hedera announced that the main network has been upgraded to fix the vulnerability, and the mainnet is now running normally.
Hedera Upgraded The Mainnet  To Patch The Vulnerability, Working Again After The Attack

According to previous news, Hedera disclosed some alerts of the attack. The attackers attacked the smart contract service code of the mainnet and transferred the Hedera Token Service (HTS) held by some user accounts to their own accounts.

They targeted accounts used as liquidity pools on many DEXs that switched to utilize the HTS through Uniswap V2-derived contracts, such as Pangolin Hedera, SaucerSwap, and HeliSwap.

As the attackers transferred tokens gained via the hack to the Hashport Network Bridge, the Bridge operators discovered the activity and swiftly shut it down.

To investigate the assault, the Hedera community collaborated with Swirlds Laboratories, The HBAR Foundation, Limechain, Pangolin, SaucerSwap, and HeliSwap teams.

Though Hedera disabled proxies quickly after discovering the possible attack, the team advised tokenholders to verify their account ID and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) address balances on hashscan.io for their own comfort.

Hedera Upgraded The Mainnet  To Patch The Vulnerability, Working Again After The Attack

To prevent the attacker from stealing further tokens, the project promptly disabled its wallet, app access, and network proxies on its mainnet. The team has discovered the underlying source of the problem and is working on a solution.

The project indicated that its mainnet is still operating and that agreement on new blocks is being reached, but the network will be equally unreachable to most users. Details of the attack will be provided by the team soon.

Recent exploitation of the Hedera network has emphasized the need for decentralized exchange security to be strengthened. Users must stay attentive and take precautions to safeguard their cash against any assaults. The project strived to remedy the problem and restore faith in its network, but the concerns remain.

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