DefiLlama Founder Launches A Website To Alert SushiSwap Attacks

Key Points:

  • The founder of DefiLlama has launched a website to check addresses affected by the SushiSwap attack.
  • Accordingly, the tool is a quick test step and has relative accuracy.
  • Yesterday, the SushiSwap project was attacked, and lost about 3.34 million dollars.
0xngmi, the founder of DefiLlama, said on Twitter that he has set up a website to help users check if an address is affected by the SushiSwap contract attack and know which token authorization to revoke.
DefiLlama Founder Launches A Website To Alert SushiSwap Attacks

According to 0xngmi, he is using his private API key for many services, so they may be rate limited, and the site may not check all vulnerable tokens. But use it as a quick check, and it still works. If it says the token is affected, you need to immediately revoke the token to avoid the risk of being hacked.

“If it reports an impacted token => its impacted, revoke asap if it reports not impacted => could still be impacted, don’t trusted rushed this website out asap so cant make it perfect also don’t get scammed, website wont ask you to send any tx or sign anything”

He said.

The tool also lacks checks on the following strings: – boba – fuse – moonbeam – gnosis. It had some trouble with infra providers and shipped without those chains to ship asa.

Yesterday it was reported that the SushiSwap project was attacked and the damage was about $3.34 million. This prompted the developers to call on social media to revoke RouteProcessor 2’s contract error approval as soon as possible, revealing that restoration work was underway and most of the funds were lost; impact is protected in the white hat security process, and users can contact SushiSwap security team.

DefiLlama Founder Launches A Website To Alert SushiSwap Attacks

Additionally, its CTO Matthew Lilley clarified on social media that there was no risk in the SushiSwap protocol and UI, and all RouterProcessor2 contract issues were removed from the UI, all current LPing/exchange operations can be done safely and this platform will continue to monitor when funds/Rescue funds are available, the white hat rescue address is 0x74Ebb8e8d0B0cc65F06040EB0f77B5DA0e33fFeE.

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