Certik Denies Rumors DEX zkSync Merlin Is Rug Pull

Key Points:

  • Security audit firm Certik confirmed that the security incident of DEX Merlin in the zkSync ecosystem was caused by a hacker attack.
  • After the incident, rumors arose that the Merlin security incident was a Rug Pull, not a hacker attack.
  • Prior to that, hackers stole $1.82 million in liquidity-draining funds.
In response to some media reports that “the Merlin security incident is a Rug Pull and not a hacker attack,” security auditing firm Certik asserts that this is not Rug Pull.
Certik Denies Rumors DEX zkSync Merlin Is Rug Pull

CertiK said the incident was likely caused by private key management issues rather than mining and is actively investigating. The initial findings point to a potential private key management problem rather than the root cause of the mining. While auditing can’t prevent private key issues, we always highlight best practices for projects.

Certik’s response teams worked hard to understand the situation and gauge the impact on our community. The “Merlin DEX” test report highlights the risk of centralization in the section “Attempts to decentralize”.

According to the official Twitter, DEX Merlin eco-zkSync claims it analyzes protocol vulnerabilities and reminds users to revoke the wallet’s signature and connection page access on its official website.

“We are analyzing the exploit of our protocol and would stress that everyone carries out this step as a precaution. More updates will be provided” Project share.

Merlin is a permission-less, community-centric DEX built on ZkSync with a liquidity environment that is robust and efficient. Earlier today, it was reported that Merlin’s liquidity had dried up and that hackers had stolen $1.82 million in funds.

Certik Denies Rumors DEX zkSync Merlin Is Rug Pull

Bobie, the founder of Web3 knowledge graph protocol 0xScope, tweeted that the liquidity of the zkSync eco Merlin DEX was exhausted, and hackers stole $1.82 million in funds and transferred them to Ethereum.

Reportedly, Merlin announced on April 24 that they passed the CertiK audit and conducted a public sale at 23:00 yesterday.

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