Solana (SOL) Dips In Value And Prompts Investors To Switch To Presale-stage Project Sparklo (SPRK)

Solana (SOL) Dips In Value And Prompts Investors To Switch To Presale-stage Project Sparklo (SPRK)

There are numerous projects that exist on top of the blockchain which have managed to make a name for themselves. Solana (SOL), for example, saw an exponential level of appeal with its high throughput and vast ecosystem of Decentralized Applications (dApps) initially.

However, as of recently, its value has been in decline. As a result, many investors and traders began turning towards alternative projects.

The most experienced Web3 traders know that significant gains in value are gained through making investments within presale-stage projects and as such, the stage two presale of Sparklo has gathered a high level of appeal. Today, we will go over how this project stands out.


Solana (SOL) decreases in value by 11% and worries investors

The Solana (SOL) Foundation announced that they would host the first non-fungible token (NFT) brand pitch competition, known as the Solana NFT Showdown. On May 9, 2023, Floor announced that they successfully launched on top of Solana (SOL) as well, indicating that its ecosystem is growing. 

Solana Mobile also dropped the Saga phone public orders. On May 12, 2023, Solana (SOL) traded at $20.27. In the last two weeks, Solana (SOL) decreased by a total of 11%. In the last week alone, the cryptocurrency saw a decline in its value by 7.6%.

Sparklo (SPRK) gains a lot of attention with a 30% bonus on stage two presale

The Sparklo project will be created as a means of enabling anyone the opportunity to essentially jump into the precious metals investment space. Across Sparklo, each investor will be able to invest in rare metals, including silver, gold, or platinum bars.

Sparklo works through minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are then fraction fractionalized. This means that anyone can buy an entire NFT or just buy a fraction of it instead if they feel the need to go that route and diversify as much as possible. At the moment when someone buys an entire NFT, they also have an opportunity to have the underlying gold bar, silver bar, or even platinum bar delivered to them at any location.

During this stage, the SPRK token trades at just $0.022. The platform has already been audited by the InterFi Network and the team has completed a KYC procedure. Moreover, analysts have predicted a 1,500 jump in the value of the cryptocurrency throughout the upcoming months, indicating that there is a lot of potential for this project in the long term. The liquidity behind the project will also be locked for a total of 100 years in order to prevent a rug pull.

Picking the right cryptocurrency to add to your crypto wallet

With the recent decrease in the value of the Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency, many have turned their attention to the stage two presale of Sparklo.

Historically, presale stage projects have provided significant returns for investors and based on research, we believe that Sparklo is the next high-growth altcoin that should be on any investor’s radar. Those curious about the project can buy the SPRK token at the links below.

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