Binance Labs Invests In 5 Promising Projects In Incubation Program

Key Points:

  • Despite the burdens from FUD and the regulatory actions that beset Binance, it still claims to continue to invest in the industry.
  • Binance Labs invested in five promising projects during the fifth season of its Incubator Program.
  • Selected projects cover a variety of Web3 areas, including DeFi, infrastructure, tools, and middleware.
Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, recently announced investments in the top 5 performing projects from Season 5 of its Incubation Program.
Binance Labs Invests In 5 Promising Projects In Incubation Program

Previously more than 900 project applications had been received but only a select few, less than 2% of the total, were selected to participate in the program. Throughout the season, participants benefit from a tailored curriculum that meets their specific needs as founders, complemented by exclusive resources from the ecosystem and engaging side conversations with industry leaders.

Binance Labs Invests In 5 Promising Projects In Incubation Program

Here are 5 potential projects that Binance Labs decided to invest in covering many areas of Web3, Defi, Infrastructure, tools and middleware.

  • Bracket Labs, a project to build leveraged on-chain products with simple interfaces and adaptive pricing, innovates to dramatically improve usability. Bracket Labs has launched, a platform that helps traders quickly take advantage of volatility in both sideways and trending market conditions.
  • DappOS, a project focused on building an operating protocol to lower barriers to access to Web3 by creating solutions that improve the usability and accessibility of web applications. Web application 3.
  • Kryptoskatt, a Web3 financial simplification project for users around the globe with a comprehensive suite of solutions including accounting, portfolio management, and tax reporting. Supporting over 2000 DeFi protocols, 100+ exchanges and wallets, and over 50 blockchains, Kryptoskatt is a one-stop shop for all Web3 financial needs.
  • Mind Network, a full cryptographic network built on the patented Fully Adaptive Uniform Encryption (FHE) framework to secure all user data, smart contracts, and AI on Web3. It is applied as a decentralized privacy-preserving data lake, providing encrypted high-performance pay-per-use compute and storage and data computation.
  • zkPass, a privacy-preserving, composable decentralized identity verification solution for Web3 based on multi-party computation (MPC) and zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology. zkPass aims to provide a secure identity verification and privacy protection solution for Web3 applications using the latest encryption technology.

In addition, Binance Labs prepares for the upcoming launch of Season 6 of the Incubator Program. Forward-thinking founders of early-stage projects are encouraged to apply.

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